Failure Is Part of Success: Eduardo Zanatta at TEDxBYU

Humanity: Many desire success. Reality: Not all achieve it. Why? Because of one fundamental element of success: FAILURE. What does that mean to me?

Eduardo Zanatta is a senior studying business finance at BYU. He is an Italian citizen, grew up in Brazil, and served as a missionary in New Jersey. He has worked for The Academy for Creating Enterprise as its international development coordinator for two years and interned at the ACE campus in Mexico City last summer. Zanatta has also completed internships at the UK Parliament, Credit Suisse UK, and Goldman Sachs NY and is now a part-time employee at Innosight, LLC. He recently accepted a full-time offer from Innosight, LLC, in Boston and will be attending the Harvard Business School in 2014.

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20 Responses to Failure Is Part of Success: Eduardo Zanatta at TEDxBYU

  1. Steph Em schreef:

    Thank you so much. I was about to cry BC I never reached for something this big and failed but this made me feel better and I already have a plan again 🙂

  2. Buddha Baraili schreef:

    Great lesson.

  3. Eddie Mattison schreef:

    Awesome advice all kids should be taught. Ie, go out and fail as fast as you can.

  4. juhi kaushal schreef:

    don't quit too early ….define early please

  5. Slimaz01234 schreef:

    I needed this speech… after hitting rock bottom I will rethink my approach and go at it again

  6. xNnix xVvix schreef:

    thats cute but its not realistic

  7. AAshish pandey schreef:

    but nothing could work out for me

  8. Neil Badger schreef:

    As cheesy as it sounds, the option of failure is dependant upon the circumstances, or in some cases "failure is not an option".

    If it is for example an academic test or maybe a sporting venture, as painful as it may be, failure is an option.
    If however you find yourself in a situation where failing would result in death, then you either succeed or you die.

  9. Ananda Teertha schreef:

    Excellent talk..!! Thank you..

  10. reen schreef:

    we measure basis outcome and not by effort..go and fail as fast as you can !

  11. jana tasarra schreef:

    "not everyone persist to achieve it"

  12. rangpatadotcom schreef:

    Thanks for uploading

  13. Gian schreef:

    He got a Brazilian accent. Ele tem sotaque brasileiro

  14. 19 Firetiger schreef:

    That suit tho

  15. Maryam Alwatani schreef:

    Wow so inspirational

  16. Growndweller schreef:

    He left one out. Mark Zuckerberg: 'FAIL HARDER'.

  17. Maria Aparecida Besta schreef:


  18. Emmad Hussain schreef:

    Past doesn't equal to future 🙂

  19. Emmad Hussain schreef:

    Yes same idea and thoughts by Imran Juan. The more bigger goal you have the more failures are there.

  20. Tyler Whitney-WIsdom Practitioner schreef:

    Yeah I need to get over my fear.

    Fear is the mind killer!

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