FAILURE – Motivational Video

I hope it was worth waiting for it! I put a lot of work into this piece.
Remember guys, failing isn’t a bad thing. Giving up after failing is.



Elliott Hulse
Sylvester Stallone
Les Brown

Daniel Vadnal:
Elliott Hulse:
Elliott Hulse:
Domink Sky:
Chris Sharma (Climber)

Seven Pounds

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A big Thank You to Drilon. Thanks for helping me out bro!
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19 Responses to FAILURE – Motivational Video

  1. Daniel Adshead schreef:

    Wonderful stuff

  2. varun chandel schreef:

    don't abuse !!! I was going to use that in my seminar at my school !!! that abusive word made me to go for other video!!

  3. ShavDance schreef:

    this video helped me

  4. MrMagee78 schreef:

    Its in the failures that mold us in to the people we need to be the success is a positive result of all the failing…like a cherry on top.

  5. James Mateiwai schreef:

    i will fail and get up fail get up fail i will get up

  6. Diksha Ramburn schreef:

    I have pass my final exam with really poor marks despite the fact that I am neither that brilliant nor that week ….I have been feeling frustrated,suffocated ,angry and heartbroken after hearing the tantrums of my family …but after watching this video I have found an aim in life ..thank you so much

  7. Quincy Quincy schreef:

    Great Video Man

  8. The Batman schreef:

    Last year I benched 225 easily. Today I got stuck under 135. I guarantee anyone that reads this that I will hit 315 by 2018. Vengeance. Wish me luck.

  9. Azariah Azariah Motivational Speaker FOCUS schreef:

    I have realized all successful people on the word the fells much, but they keep going until they Winn. And am going ……

  10. Mohamad Fahad schreef:

    ELLIOT HULSE!!!!!!

  11. Michael Thompson schreef:

    powerful words,dreams are possible ..

  12. O _ RAMPAGE _ 0 schreef:

    thank u

  13. Navdeep Singh schreef:

    I am laughing and I am crying .

    Dropped out of my $25000, paid my dad, MBA recently and currently I am stuck looking for a job in a country where the first condition of finding even a basic job is to learn the language of this country.

    I don't know the fucking language, I don't have the degree, I don't have enough physical strength even and maybe I am a bit low on confidence even but you know what, I haven't given up.

    Yes, I cry every now and then uncontrollably, yes, in my head so many things, fears, regrets and insecurities strangulate my thoughts every fucking moment of the day, yes sometimes i do wonder what kinda life I will give my wife and kids, i ask myself a million times how will I repay dad's loan and all that.

    I know it's not gonna be easy. I know there maybe even tougher times waiting behind a blindside but I am holding on to my faith, no matter what. I ain't gonna beg in front of God anymore, nor will I waste my time in millions of hours of prayers.

    I am gonna cry and I am gonna try. That's it. CRy and TRy. And one day, when all this will be past, I will be able to look myself in the mirror and smile.

    Good luck to all my brothers and sisters who are struggling, in one way or the other. Happy New year 2017 guys.

  14. syaz_ Zaa schreef:

    tears falling down the moment i got my carry marks… i feel so sad.. where did i do it wrong? i'm tired. i'm done. πŸ™

  15. Tune Kahuna schreef:

    39k people failed and wanted motivation guess what now they are a level up or at level 2 on their ladder to success!!

  16. Siddharth Tripathy schreef:

    this video made me cry

  17. Arjun Kumar schreef:

    great boss

  18. Aliennn Squad schreef:

    thanks πŸ™‚

  19. sabawoon bahrami schreef:

    i love this video

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