Failure – Motivational Video

Failure – Motivational Video by Fearless Motivation.

In every moment of our lives we have choices. How we react to failure is no different. Most give up. Most make excuses. What will you do? Will you give up or fight for what you want in life?

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“Failure Motivational Speech” by Fearless Motivation

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Speakers: William Hollis, Chris Ross, Jones 2.0

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17 Responses to Failure – Motivational Video

  1. Josiah Patterson schreef:

    dreams are for suckers.

  2. et T schreef:

    Thank you .

  3. Tshepiso Matshidiso schreef:

    Please keep uploading more videos please I beg of you …You are good

  4. gautam singh schreef:

    love it. m a struggling footballer

  5. Lewis Escamilla schreef:

    dude i need this video to get me to work today

  6. Hardik Agrawal schreef:

    this is the best video i watched ever thanku soo much i will never give up

  7. King Hollis schreef:

    Subscribe to my channel lady and gentlemen I'm the first speaker and the last

  8. WOLFIE BLACK HEART schreef:


  9. van lateif schreef:

    I'm fuck dub I can't do nothing

  10. Arpan Banerjee schreef:

    thank you team. u make me realise every day that I have been made for a greater good. thanks

  11. rabiatul adawiyah schreef:

    can i say this is VIDEO OF THE YEAR?!! the voices arrangement, the words, the words slides, the REAL HUMANS with success.. everything! Team Fearless surely is a professional video editor i guess?? hahaha. this is magnificent! a high quality stuff! thumbs up to u! an amazing video! bravo πŸ™‚

  12. akhil bhushan rehalia schreef:

    thanks sir……..
    and nice video

  13. Shyam Soni schreef:

    very awesome video. I really appreciate working for others

  14. sarvesh schreef:

    Respected Sir, please read my message, I desperately need help,Please read my whole message.Please give me some advice.

    Sir, after watching your Youtube videos. …It feels like I have found my reason to stay alive, I deserve more than average in life…. I stay in Mumbai,India and working as software engineer..

    I have not been able to find my passion.The work that I am doing i.e. Software Development is certainly not my passion. I feel like I am in prison.

    After working 2.5 years as software engineer, I feel like my interest is somewhere else…
    Actually, after 10th, I never wanted to go in software engineering, yet because of this field pays more, my father sent me to engineering college that too on education loan.

    Now, I feel frustration in my work, I am not able to give 100% in my job. I feel like I am working just to pay my education loan debts,no joy in work; Also I feel like doing some business or startup on my own, I read motivation books of entrepreneurs as they say, "You can never achieve your dreams working 9am to 5pm job for whole life"; that has made me relentless, I cannot sleep at night. I feel frustrated all time. I don't know what to do.

    Inside, I feel I deserve something more out of life. I am not just born to work 40 years, marry, have kids, wait for retirement and die.

    But now I am stuck in a difficult phase of my life.

    Even I cannot change my career, As my financial situation is not good, my whole family is dependant on my income. Also the salary I earn goes in education loan debts.

    l feel like I am a victim.

    I am caught in a strange situation. I request you to please reply on this message. I am very frustrated. I desperately need an advice from you.Please help me.

  15. Frank Townsend schreef:

    Really motivated!

  16. Soumyajit sarkar schreef:

    failures gives you chances to succeed don't forget that

  17. Soumyajit sarkar schreef:

    lets get back up

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