Famous Failures before Success – Motivational Video by Jay Shetty

Famous Failures before Success - Motivational Video by Jay Shetty

Everyone famous has experienced a failure.

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” Michael Jordan

“If I try my best and fail, well I’ve tried my best.” Steve Jobs

“Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” Oprah Winfrey

Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg and Albert Einstein all experienced failure.

Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. Failures are a stepping-stone to success. Real leaders make plenty of mistakes. Rather than wasting time worrying about them they spend time making sure they don’t repeat them.

Champions are always focused on their goals, in every situation. They make goals, losers make excuses. Our life is what we make of it. Failure is verily a minor stumbling block on the road to success.

Failure may not build CVs but it builds character. Failure teaches us the ability of change and adaptation – the single most needed thing in life. The only thing certain in life is uncertainty.

Jay Shetty shares motivational stories from the lives of a few recognised successes to inspire and enthuse the viewers.

Jay Shetty
Keith Merrill (www.keithmerrillmusic.com)
Michael Jordan Legend HD
Oprah Winfrey Documentary

There are no Failures, there are no wrong paths.- Oprah Whinfrey

Best Advice about Failures from Oprah Whinfrey!
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29 Responses to Famous Failures before Success – Motivational Video by Jay Shetty

  1. Markéta Ševčíková schreef:

    Love your videos

  2. Ashna prem schreef:

    Thank you for sharing !!!!

  3. TaNveeR asH schreef:

    I thnk my frnd everyday for sharing ur post.
    Coz tht was how i can to know abt u

  4. Constantia de Gier schreef:

    Jay this is so inspiring!

  5. karthik .k schreef:

    you know what,your words make everyone to observe you and change their minds to your conversation
    that's why you are special in making videos

  6. Alison Sickler schreef:

    Great video to show my 8th graders as they brainstorm their narratives on courage.

  7. pagefour schreef:


  8. pagefour schreef:


  9. Dharmesh Singh schreef:

    The way that he speaks and his gestures combined with the background music is just mesmerising. Truly amazing

  10. selam queen schreef:

    omg! ur eyes are so magical! i would die if i see u in person u r so sexy.

  11. Ronix Dc II schreef:

    motivated every time i hear your words

  12. Siddharth Nair schreef:

    Please make a video on facing humility..

  13. Tim Bean schreef:

    It's hard to understand what your doing, if you don't have goals and the mindset as to where your going. Our lives are like a ship with a large sail, without knowing your true north, your direction of travel is easily lost in the chaos of the environment that surrounds you. -Tim Bean

  14. Saad Malik schreef:

    that was really good. it changed my thinking of failure

  15. shalaka chhajed schreef:

    Amazing video Sir!!! Best examples. Looking forward for more! Thankyou for inspiring and motivating.

  16. Yousef Deeb schreef:

    Wow, you're amazing!!! Keep going man.

  17. Ryan Gonsalved schreef:

    jst luv your work u hv inspired me a lot thanx for dat I hv jst started writing a book about your videos

  18. Aaron Miller schreef:

    1 year…

  19. Anna O'Reardon schreef:

    "The losses are there to wake you up"

  20. Kunal Panchal schreef:

    its the truth of life whatever she said

  21. M Sij schreef:

    There are no such thing as Failures, Mistakes, or Wrong Paths. – Oprah Winfrey

  22. Tinashe Maviza schreef:

    I like it

  23. Patty Penner schreef:


  24. Richard Káňa schreef:

    She may just saved me

  25. Dwane Peter Salandy schreef:

    Thanks Oprah

  26. Book Video Club schreef:

    great video. correct the last name to Winfrey 🙂

  27. Ruzy Rusike schreef:

    Thank you

  28. Virtues Project Germany e.V. schreef:

    Right, right & right!

  29. Jessica Nichols schreef:

    <3 <3 <3

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