Famous Failures Ever ! ! ! ! ! ( Your Life will Change after watching this)

Most famous people weren’t born into fame and often failed spectacularly before achieving it. Here are some famous failures to inspire you to greatness!

Abdul kalam's inspirational speech on failure

Dr. Kalam speaks on failure of satellite launch and how he and team handled the failure and achieve the success.
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19 Responses to Famous Failures Ever ! ! ! ! ! ( Your Life will Change after watching this)

  1. chotu singh schreef:

    bhai tuje youtube se paisa milta hai kya

  2. Heart BeatZ schreef:

    why are there so many indians?

  3. Srasti Sharma schreef:

    srk is best

  4. ArchoEarth schreef:

    good video..I like it

  5. Movies_masti & magic schreef:

    are yaar spelling me kitni saari galtiyan thi tumhare

  6. Shree bankar schreef:

    t hease claps will never end

  7. shiva krishna sudagana schreef:

    proud of my country India..

  8. Thisisme Boj schreef:

    lol.. i wasn't inspired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ban robotic voice! be real! #bubu.

  9. kommineni sowjanya schreef:

    I like it

  10. mr syed schreef:

    srk n sachin

  11. mr syed schreef:

    srk wow

  12. Maidul Islam Laskar schreef:

    Really Inspiring Persons.

  13. ranji karambakkudi schreef:


  14. Keziah Lois schreef:

    Sounds like the google translator woman…

  15. Nick Anhtuan Do schreef:

    Walt disney is a good man

  16. Deepanker Tamang schreef:

    I love you Sachin.

  17. Anji Gundoor schreef:

    I feel proud to be a Indian

  18. Rohit R Nair schreef:

    bro the speech to recog. doesn't seem too good

  19. Shankar yuva schreef:

    My inspiration till now..

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