Fantastic Failures Compilation 01 – Extreme Idiots

A compilation I am featuring downloaded from site listed on video. These are great scenes, some seen on television but others only on the Internet. Enjoy these great failures and be glad they weren’t you (knock on wood now!). Enjoy and thanks to the makers and the website.
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18 Responses to Fantastic Failures Compilation 01 – Extreme Idiots

  1. It'sJustOwen schreef:

    Here's to Idiots that make us disappointed in humanity! *Holds up bleach *

  2. mottbone schreef:

    "IIIII've just shhhh-ot myself….


  3. Cosmic Cowboy schreef:

    Stupidity is its own reward…

  4. cipher88101 schreef:

    Well I always said stupidity should hurt, now I can see that it does.

  5. Angelo Russo schreef:


  6. alan snack bar schreef:


  7. Jigaboo Jigaboo Jigaboo Jigaboo Jigaboo Jigaboo schreef:

    Those guys with that elevated platform that hit that powerline probably died instantly

  8. Eitan Arbel schreef:

    some of them are so fucking stupid, that it would be a HUGE favor to the human race if they die…

  9. Matt 2016 schreef:

    WOW "DOGE"

  10. Paul Blart schreef:

    Cant make your own fail compilations?

  11. OXLEYCRUSHER schreef:

    0:50 what a plank!

  12. PsychosGamers schreef:

    how the hell i got here from a video editing tutorial is beyond me…fucking youtube vortex…
    but seriously some people are helpless….i ve done stupid things in the past but man…..some of the shit they r doing is beyond the moronic scale…!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Luis Antonio Marrega schreef:

    Idiotas e retardados também!

  14. Paulie Jay schreef:

    1:28 Bye bye

  15. Flush Royal schreef:

    Lot's of aspirin taken after those moments…

  16. Tony Mckinnon schreef:

    The military clips are from the pakistani army and billy the dumb ass was the last clip.

  17. Maya C schreef:

    1:02 slow clapping

  18. Gaming With ViperZeroOne schreef:

    Only downside to advancements in medical science… Those chosen by natural selection usually survive and propagate… :P

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