Funniest Commercials of All Time

Funniest Commercials of All Time
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This ride make woman loose pant or clothes or wardrobe malfunction lol. Tagada Ride compilation.

Funny ride
Crazy ride
Awesome ride
Video Rating: / 5

38 Responses to Funniest Commercials of All Time

  1. dexter tech schreef:

    so the answer was 11 all this time..

  2. Gracelynn Noelle schreef:

    hatchet not an axe

  3. Ryleigh Copeland schreef:

    snuffy the seal was sad

  4. zniesmaczony schreef:

    Well, it's name is Snuffy for a reason, that's for sure ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Colton Gordon schreef:

    8:07 LOL

  6. Marielena Alvarado schreef:

    I LOVE the baby one!!

  7. Principled_Space - schreef:

    I hate that shark

  8. harun karali schreef:

    And a chainsaw! Lol

  9. Katie Gehring schreef:

    THE LAST ONE LMAO :):):):D:D

  10. pytox schreef:

    10:12 boy that asian guy really knows how to dance.

  11. Angel Ashleigh schreef:

    Why was the iced coffee banned?

  12. Dumac schreef:

    the squirrels, the cub and the hitchhiker commercial was the best.

  13. robert gary schreef:

    dam snuffy is gone

  14. robert gary schreef:

    wolf comm was funniest

  15. Spencer Erickson schreef:

    props if you recognised Scoot McNairy (Halt and Catch Fire) from the Bud Light Ax commercial

  16. I & You Channel schreef:


  17. Gabe Reyna schreef:

    the ending hahahahahahaha

  18. Pablo Ramirez schreef:

    pero q vergonzoso, el novio la ha de ver terminado jajajaja

  19. Sneha Rao schreef:

    I talk english to

  20. GirlsRule20 schreef:

    He is so over protective

  21. Brian Eno schreef:

    somebody could get pregnant with this humpin around….

  22. Brian Eno schreef:

    wtf do they call this ride….ha ha ha ha…

  23. David Mendoza schreef:

    pinche música culera de fondo.

  24. Pataki Rebeka schreef:

    Ez bizony fájhat

  25. Md. Mostafa Kamal schreef:

    Sooo funny seriously I see it and laugh always

  26. goceline hola BaBi schreef:


  27. Game Lab schreef:

    Surprised this isn't age restricted

  28. Великая Россия schreef:

    первый, епта)

  29. Khalid Safri schreef:

    super funny

  30. mrs. catracho schreef:

    a la primera no la penetra ni un caballo con la proteccion vaginal que descuelga desde la panza y finalmente cae en las rodillas

  31. Natalia Roberta schreef:

    cadê os br

  32. SV Amandolin schreef:

    look as fun as someone throwing tire irons at you. That will be 12 tickets.

  33. Fussion Lynx schreef:


  34. Dayanna Beard schreef:

    This never gets old 🙂

  35. Inr Grs schreef:

    я ржу так что ща ебнусь и поеду в дурку

  36. JayAhn H schreef:

    Then after that, they banged. This ride can get people pregnant in an instant.

  37. Andrea Lmb schreef:

    Can't stop laughing, it looks like a mega orgy at the theme park…the ride operator must have had sooooooo much fun

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