Funniest Ever News Bloopers

Funniest Ever News Bloopers

19 Responses to Funniest Ever News Bloopers

  1. Matías Toro schreef:

    9:03 I kept waiting for that guy to spit some tobacco.

  2. iduncare schreef:

    Why are most of them from Australia what is wrong with my country

  3. kevin mcfarlane schreef:

    7:44, wow…what a terrible time to accidentally play an advert for fried chicken…

  4. Taine Kingi schreef:

    straight up rip off of another channel named NewsBeFunny should​ be copyrighted

  5. Shaw Tucker schreef:


  6. Nikhil Koshy schreef:

    Stolen vid.

  7. Caramel Victim schreef:

    the kid at 8:28 is such a smartass, I love him. "You're not supposed to give your mic to a kid!!"

  8. Adam Snow schreef:

    I thought that kid was Indian until I heard him say "Protcetive GGGEEEAARR"…LOL funny kid.

  9. Reginald Andrews schreef:

    The donut and the coffee……………WOW!!!!

  10. Reginald Andrews schreef:

    In 1st clip, dude tried to be slick with a kiss……but NO DEAL!!! Lol

  11. Trent Davis schreef:

    lol little guy @ the end.

  12. Naomi schreef:

    I don't get why she didn't let him kiss her cheek? Ffs

  13. caveman Versace schreef:

    I laughed at that they played a fried chicken advert during a segment where the anchorwoman specifically wanted his opinion on a racist sound byte. I mean that's so accidental it seems on purpose. The dunkin donuts segments were pure gold to, first world problems lol.

  14. Rikard Nilsson schreef:


  15. Jeffie Edwards schreef:

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  16. PixelatedPeach schreef:

    I don't know if I was just invested in that kid's answer or what because I honestly didn't even see what was happening in the background…..
    I just thought the blooper was that the kid was upset and going to cry when they expected him to be excited….

    I was reading through the comments and was super confused until I went back up and watched it again haha

  17. Sylvan Sullivan schreef:

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  18. Mike C. schreef:

    Didnt laugh once….

  19. Zoe Willis schreef:

    8:00 hahahaha instant karma! that kid was hitting the cows and they were like "biiiitch we can smush you, try me!" hahaha

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