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13 Responses to Funniest Pet Reactions & Bloopers of April 2017 | Funny Pet Videos

  1. HeyIt'sDestiny schreef:

    Girl: Max did you get in the garbage can?
    Dog: Says something in mind Naw I didn't get into it That's why theres totally no garbage lid on my head… help
    Girl: GOOD BOY
    Dog: Bitch I just ate Garbage what do you mean good boy?

  2. HeyIt'sDestiny schreef:

    so cute and funny

  3. It's Ava's Life schreef:

    Why do people let squirrels in their house??

  4. Margaret Clarke schreef:

    If the cat had took the dogs eye wud she have thought that was funny too idiot

  5. Peter Kistemaker schreef:

    3.59 I uesd………Really?????

  6. Lora Weems schreef:

    How do I submit a YouTube video of my cat?

  7. TheDanTMG schreef:

    that koala clip at 13:22 i know where that zoo is

  8. ub0 Caldwell schreef:


  9. Giggi Widit schreef:

    7:25 I thought to myself 'WTF is going on with that dogs tail ?!?…. until I realised it was a pig…' =9

  10. Kiraneryse Gordon schreef:

    it says 4 comments but there's 5

  11. Emerald Eye schreef:

    Sub i will Sub back

  12. Gaming Clover schreef:

    nice vid very funny

  13. cata muñoz medel schreef:

    primer comentario

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