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Failure -

Counterfeit Sky is from the Failure’s summer release of The Heart Is A Monster. The video was directed by Kevin Margo (a visual effects director who has worked on films, including Thor: The Dark World).

Failure launches a new U.S. tour on Oct. 9 in Jacksonville.

Tour dates:

October 9 Jacksonville, FL Freebird Live *
October 10 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution *
October 11 Orlando, FL House of Blues *
October 13 Norfolk, VA Norva **
October 14 New York, NY Brooklyn Bowl
October 15 Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Smalls Theatre **
October 17 St. Louis, MO The Firebird ***
October 19 Albuquerque, NM The Launchpad ***
October 20 Tucson, AZ The Rock ***
October 21 Phoenix, AZ Crescent Ballroom ***
October 22 Las Vegas, NV Fremont Country Club ***
October 24 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst ***
October 25 Sacramento, CA Aftershock Festival
October 27 Los Angeles, CA The Regent ****
October 28 Anaheim, CA House of Blues ****
October 29 San Diego, CA The Music Box ****

January 23 Brisbane, QLD Soundwave
January 24 Sydney, NSW Soundwave
January 26 Melbourne, VIC Soundwave

* – w/Hum and Torche
** – w/Torche
*** – w/Local H
**** – w/Trail of the Dead and Local H
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37 Responses to Funniest Viral Fail Videos Weekly Compilation 2016

  1. Ampliffy schreef:

    The most funniest videos are cool

  2. Dibana dill schreef:


  3. Rosyl Maranan schreef:

    so funny

  4. Simeon Latinchev schreef:

    nee smeshno

  5. Renata Gonzalez schreef:


  6. Jero Baculi schreef:

    5:57 ouch

  7. Jaf Manabat schreef:

    I'm very happy with my mom

  8. XPloppyPlayz Gamez schreef:

    The hugging dog one XD I can't breath

  9. black panther schreef:

    daddddddd moth DDD fjrkdkdofjfjd

  10. METAL MAGE schreef:


  11. Ashton Lewis schreef:

    that kids​ back could of been brosed

  12. Ashton Lewis schreef:

    that kids​ back could of been brosef

  13. esbeide solis schreef:

    Can u make a video that will crack me up so hard

  14. Diamond Ninja9 schreef:

    6:14 how's that funny

  15. Nadine Egger schreef:


  16. youngbloody567 schreef:

    Listen to it in 0.75 speed for a grungey sound

  17. Brian Paasch schreef:

    Wish I could like this more! So good!

  18. Anthony Bannino schreef:

    superb song not as big as another space song!!!!their best from me

  19. Benjamin D. Halford schreef:

    Failure are on fire at the moment, you can tell they're loving being back on it again.

  20. Wyre schreef:

    What does it mean though

  21. kirin2112 schreef:

    Solaris: The Sequel. Really great song and video.

  22. ecoRfan schreef:

    User Frusciante World used parts of this video for "Dreams of a Samurai" fan made video.

  23. Willem S schreef:

    This is a masterpiece, Please come to Europe!!!

  24. RoomForImpr0vement schreef:

    So are the different astronauts actually the same guy? I can't tell

  25. Barry Schoolcraft schreef:

    From a new fan….Can't wait to see them play

  26. punkflop schreef:

    Failure has been putting out some stunning music videos from their comeback album, which came out last year. Included on that list is ‘Counterfeit Sky’, directed by Kevin Margo , who is a visual effects director (think Thor 2), and it comes through because this video is pure eye candy, with a great story to match. Science Fiction and Failure just go so damn well together – I would pay good money to see a feature length film directed by Margo and scored by Failure. These are the kind of music videos that the Deftones should be making for their own music. #punkflop #TrackDrops #Failure #KevinMargo #Deftones

  27. 395PRS schreef:

    The is much to this song and video, but you need to look past the song and video.

  28. deceiver schreef:

    Amazing video for an amazing song from an amazing album.

  29. Joseph Von Meisthal schreef:


  30. xray606 schreef:

    I live in the entertainment capitol of America. Why do I not hear this on the radio? Oh, I forgot… Because the music industry sucks.

  31. joe keigans schreef:

    this is a great fucking video

  32. logicalfallacy234 schreef:

    Now if we can only have an entire movie just like this, with the soundtrack being "Fantastic Planet".

  33. Simon W schreef:

    This song is a masterpiece.

  34. Karsten Binkley schreef:

    Love it!!!

  35. hauntedhouse schreef:

    Failure are flat Earthers! Flat earth ftw!

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