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There’s nothing wrong about failing young. Here are some of our funniest kid fails. Let us know your thoughts down below, and as always, Salute!

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Original Links:
Child in Mask Crashes into Wall
Mirror Mirror
Little Girl Headbutts Music Toy
Kid Cries on Toilet Over Chick-Fil-A Being Closed on Sundays
Bird Attacks Little Boy
Little Boy Falls Off Diving Board
Little Girl Demonstrates How to Cut Hair
Little Girl Proud of Falling Down Slide
Toddler Puts Cereal Box on Head and Fails
Little Girl Walks into Glass Door
Kid Fails
Kid Gets Tongue Stuck on Frozen Pole
Tetherball Pole Hits Kid in Face
Little Kid Wobbles down Playground Slide
Little Boy Let out Juicy Sneeze
Little Girl Trips and Falls during Easter Egg Hunt
Gender Reveal Ends in Tears for Little Girl
Toddler Falls Asleep Eating Watermelon
Little Girl Can’t Figure out Water Fountain
Kid Faceplants Sand after Backflip
Kid Doesn’t Want to Go to Disney World
Little Girl Headbutts Music Toy
Toddler Gets into Mom’s Makeup
Little Boy Struggles in Box
Kid Falls off Slide at Kiddie Pool
Noisemaker Moves Terrified Baby to Tears
Little Boy Misses Fire Pole at Playground
Kid Takes Phone out of Guitar
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As a career success coach, I always advise my clients to stick with it – to demonstrate their commitment to their career success to themselves and others by shaking off setbacks and moving forward. This morning, I received an email from Katina Solomon at telling me about a new blog post she had just done and asking me to pass it on to my readers.

I loved this post. It tells the stories of “50 Famously Successful People Who Failed at First.” These people come from all walks of life. But they shared one characteristic in common — the commitment to their own career success. I am very happy to repost it here….

50 Famously Successful People Who Failed at First

Not everyone who’s on top today got there with success after success. More often than not, those who history best remembers were faced with numerous obstacles that forced them to work harder and show more determination than others. Next time you’re feeling down about your failures in college or in a career, keep these fifty famous people in mind and remind yourself that sometimes failure is just the first step towards success.
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39 Responses to Funny Kid Fails (February 2016) || FailArmy

  1. Bismuth Is Weird schreef:

    2:59 , why'd you lick it in the first place Jimmy?

  2. Rob schreef:

    The second one is like Boo from monsters inc.

  3. mauricio marley schreef:

    fock fail

  4. RushPain schreef:

    3:07 your friend gets hit in the head with a pipe and it broke you care more about a pipe then your friend

  5. Julian Leon schreef:

    At 6:09 that sound tho lol

  6. Gerardo Escoto schreef:

    if you get your ass! in their

  7. Ktrina Smart schreef:

    1:45 is a mini miranda sings

  8. Obliteradon schreef:

    1:38 what kind of parents leave their young daughter alone on the computer with scissors. You can even hear them off camera, they're not far. But obviously not watching her.

  9. rapid force schreef:

    5: 53 girl is looking like a tribal

  10. rapid force schreef:

    4:23 is a nice break dance

  11. rapid force schreef:

    3:38 is so funny

  12. rapid force schreef:

    1:46 this girl is so naughty that their parents will scold

  13. rapid force schreef:

    0:08 what he is doing

  14. dolly badonie schreef:


  15. Γιαννης Συμεωνιδης schreef:


  16. Lachlan Thorpe schreef:

    2.02 look at those ugly lips

  17. Starzzz Nova schreef:

    that one at 5:18 that kid that is cring is a spoiled kid. I have only went to Disney land once in my life and it wasn't Disney world it was Disney land I would do anything go anything

  18. Fox Flyer schreef:

    1:01 I feel the same way

  19. Justine Montoya schreef:

    the first one was so funny.

  20. Mystical Motivation schreef:

    hi can I use this video for a YouTube video I'm making however I'll give the credit and refer people to your channel?

  21. Mask Boy schreef:

    All are inspiration

  22. Hamera schreef:

    what about those who failed to make it period?

  23. Real Motivator schreef:

    thanks .
    thanks a million billion trillion

  24. Ravi s schreef:

    really motivating !!!

  25. Tharun Kumar schreef:

    So motivational!

  26. Success7Secrets schreef:

    Its really a game of Vision, nice Video

  27. Elan Law schreef:

    I used to be lazy…its like a chain…u delay one thing and you keep delaying others…but then I figured out even if you create the smallest habit can make a drastic change from who you used to be…I started using "Rewire – Habit & Goal Tracker" an android app. It worked like a miracle for me…hope you find it useful too!!

  28. Suman Nani schreef:

    very good but when I

  29. Lucas Singh schreef:

    pls stop this shitty comments..
    which r more demotivating… the purpose of dis video is to motivate people in there struggling lives..

  30. Satyavathi Naru schreef:


  31. Know Thyself schreef:

    Great video, thanks for sharing. I recently started making motivational videos to help others and would appreciate your feedback on them to help towards getting closer to success.

  32. Maulik Dhameliya schreef:

    Thomas had done many invention but most of the pattern was made my Nikola Tesla.

  33. rajath br schreef:

    I like the statement 'A Lion doesn't consider himself with the opinion of a sheep

  34. Birudula vinod schreef:

    excellent about the sentence "we time waste thinking about others "

    keep it up Bro………

  35. T KEERTHI schreef:

    it s really good

  36. muti30630479 schreef:

    Ok listen; 99% of people failed to reach their dreams. And 3% of 99% randomly get luck to success. So stop talking shit

  37. Hawati Giat schreef:

    thanks sir

  38. S Sateesh schreef:

    superb sir thanks a lot

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