Funny Pinoy Viral Videos Compilation (April 2016)

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23 Responses to Funny Pinoy Viral Videos Compilation (April 2016)

  1. Janna Lopez schreef:

    akala ko ihuhulog nya yung nag sasayaw wla nman pala panera

  2. Mabin World Comedy schreef:

    hello po sa mga commenters, hope you can also support my comedy , tnx very much : )

  3. Samuel Maaño schreef:

    hinabol ng aso hahaha

  4. Kathleen Cortez schreef:

    Kagaling Nung kuya tumalon

  5. Emelyn Losabia schreef:

    hahahha ung pang huling video dun ako natawa ..

  6. Joannes Lufamia schreef:

    I hate the gay one

  7. Anthony Montes Enterio schreef:

    nice budots hahahaha

  8. Lö Vë Ly schreef:

    Nakakatawa si manong ..

  9. sofia's channel schreef:


  10. mishel nis schreef:

    galing n aura now artista kna ang galing

  11. Girlie Ocmayon schreef:

    3rd !!ang cute ni baby hehehhe

  12. 3millionTV schreef:

    gago di pilipino ang iba pota!

  13. flenival27 schreef:

    hahahaha… awesome!!

  14. ana bhel schreef:

    gling nung bby sumayw. prang nkainom hehe

  15. Deejayagulto07 Agulto schreef:


  16. mark lemons schreef:

    oy si young bata sa ang probinsyano 2016

  17. Jake Taniza schreef:

    hala nahulog……loooggg

  18. Carmela Epa schreef:

    cute ang tambok nisayaw

  19. M'R Anime schreef:

    damn man i thought pakistan was terriost country but indian's are complete assholes

  20. Mark D schreef:

    smashing that guys head while he sleeps, Savage!!

  21. Rammus schreef:

    that intro literally popped my ear drums

  22. Val Meadows schreef:


  23. the ʀօʏaʟ schreef:


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