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37 Responses to Funny Videos ★ Best Funny Fail Compilation ★ Funny Videos 2016

  1. Running Man Moments 7012 schreef:

    well last clip he truly deserves it

  2. P4RADOX schreef:

    When all the comments are about the last clip lmao

  3. Spam Box schreef:

    Fucking Niggers

  4. Humberto Lopez schreef:

    the last one was good

  5. Funny Clips schreef:

    i like your video and subscribe you now plz subscribe me

  6. Fails Empire schreef:

    Most funny videos in my chanell

  7. Ruhshona Eahimuva schreef:


  8. Funny Videos Man Try Not To Laugh 2016 schreef:

    :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)best funny video

  9. Funny LoL Videos-FLV schreef:

    nice collection

  10. Markus Munich schreef:

    07:08 What a tremendous asshole.

  11. Janice Wilson schreef:


  12. 환이Tv [HwanE Gaming channel] schreef:


  13. Karen Nguyễn schreef:

    0:38 pause right there what the hell man???

  14. Fatal schreef:

    The soldiers cracked me up!!!

  15. The Bull schreef:

    The last dude tho

  16. Franzmine Tubaña schreef:

    I wonder what happened to that cat..

  17. Louise Daily channel schreef:

    The last one what the acc fuck …

  18. Zimon Agerschou schreef:

    sou Nice

  19. Seanbryan Anaya schreef:


  20. Sm B ab u schreef:

    ha ha ha

  21. Reeree B schreef:

    Guys the one where the dog is "viciously biting the cat" the dog doesn't want to hurt the cat, it's playing. And the cat isn't hurt, it's just clearly annoyed. Plus dogs have this thing called 'soft mouth' or something like that where they use it to carry their puppies. This might be what the dog is trying to do. I've seen a couple of videos of dogs grabbing kittens(usually by the head) and not hurting them. Please no negative comments on this, I'm just stating my opinion.

  22. Szuper Kori schreef:


  23. Hot Hot schreef:

    Luka Mezuri yes very good:)?

  24. Saresa Bates schreef:

    this is so **** hilarious

  25. Jacksepticeye Fan schreef:

    Yeah just let a massive fucking dog bite a fucking tiny kitten what the fuck. Sickos.

  26. MagicWolf101 // TD schreef:

    Poor little kitty

  27. Sarah A schreef:

    I felt so bad for the cat.

  28. Delphine Franco schreef:


  29. Alex Cassell schreef:

    Down voted because of your annoying subscribe button.

  30. eriko wahyu schreef:


  31. hendra choo schreef:


  32. Whoever I am schreef:

    stfu with the "poor cat". the dog was playing. if it wasn't the cat would be dead. the cat would have run away if it was really hurting. try to use your brain.

  33. Hardcore Cringe schreef:

    I didn't laugh at all

  34. Regine Hermann schreef:

    Thumbs down!!! The pooooooor cat! Stop making these videos!

  35. 72,529,887 views schreef:

    I wonna love call me !! I waiting !! I am so hot girl call me please

  36. Keith Newton schreef:

    most of these thing are what you expected from people in the 1980 or 70, it seems that these eastern Europeans are very far behind in there social behaviour, it's sad that we live on a planet with so much division so countries are a 100 years behind in what is acceptable practice. it's not funny it make me cringe at there stupidity

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