Funny Workers Fail Compilation || Bad Day at Work

Funny video of construction workers, delivery man, forklift operators failing at their job. When you have bad day at work and you get fired because you fail at your work.


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The only equipment you need for parkour is a camera for a friend to hold HORIZONTALLY while he films your failures. Seriously, we probably get parkour submissions 3rd most behind skateboard and bike fails. The good news is we’ve collected our funniest parkour fails and put them together for a compilation. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and as always, Salute!

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38 Responses to Funny Workers Fail Compilation || Bad Day at Work

  1. Just Funny Videos schreef:

    NEW Video Is Up !!

    Enjoy 😀

  2. BUD WHITE schreef:

    Re-name the video, "A day in the life of an utter and complete dipshit who should not procreate with their poison seed."

  3. Moses christ schreef:

    0.35 is fuuuuuuccccckkkkkiiiinnnng hilllllllaaarrriiiooouuuussss…

  4. TheOriginalSayre schreef:


  5. denise mccormick schreef:


  6. Robert Clolery schreef:


  7. Will Wilson schreef:

    The very last clip shows why construction projects never finish on time, lol.

  8. Lionel linus 1111 master schreef:

    3:05 fail?!

  9. Venomous Productions schreef:

    I felt so bad for the first guy

  10. Adrianpeters Peters schreef:

    oh look,cycle and trailer,he is taking east european class 1 driving test……pass no points, u.k. here i come…….

  11. Linda Brink schreef:

    Lol at 5:15 …. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!

  12. Abood Al Hash schreef:

    how did they think this was gonna end???.
    why aren't they using the forklift next to them?

  13. Michael Macluskie schreef:

    And the American Assholes that are videoing and laughing at this mishap would know exactly what to do to stop it pronto?? I hate people who laugh at others failures when they don,t know what to do themselves.

  14. Steve Davis schreef:

    7:10 Was awesome , had to watch it several times. Who would have thought this would break ? I mean 2 tons of possibly uncured concrete falling from that height and excellent bumper guards in place.. lol

  15. panzer waffen schreef:

    this can look funny but damn being on those situations lol

  16. Rick The Plasterer schreef:

    The hipster trying to use a hammer lol

  17. Plastic Memories schreef:

    thousands of dollars of wasted beer lol

  18. Shayne Kimball schreef:

    2:20 got milk?

  19. Alobytes Whitestone schreef:

    what a dicks… ahahaha

  20. Changer schreef:

    5:54 that dude got knocked the fuck out!

  21. Lilita Hince schreef:

    1.08 woa

  22. David Brocklesby schreef:


  23. Harmony rous schreef:


  24. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas schreef:

    Assassin's Creed 2017 (Leaked gameplay)

  25. Jamal Sarip schreef:

    very funny

  26. ChamychoMinecraft ツ schreef:

    6:32 OMG! loook'! 🙂

  27. Small fat cat schreef:

    Someone else's mistakes make you happy? fuck you!

  28. sitiaishah23 azini schreef:

    fuck you all

  29. I FUCKING MESS UP MY HOUSE - Sans schreef:

    Is that ulimate?

  30. Michele Herminia schreef:

    2:04 Wtf

  31. CagyCharacter c schreef:

    5:56 ouch man don't be shirtless while it's a dangerous stunt

  32. iStarless Gt schreef:

    fuck 18
    I tryed

  33. People who annoy you schreef:

    Today I learned that parkour is even more dangerous than skateboarding

  34. Callum Watkins schreef:

    So in the first 20 seconds we go from a guy nearly falling off a building to a guy falling of a bin

  35. Beate Bar schreef:

    3:28 to heavy

  36. Hannah Wosu schreef:

    Put the video at 0.5 speed…you´re welcome xD

  37. Hannah Wosu schreef:

    The parkour fails are WAY better than originals. xD

    When that dude farted…xDD

  38. HD XD schreef:

    u shet shet shet shet

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