Gavin McInnes: Politics “is just fashion” for “anti-fascists”

Ezra Levant of and Gavin McInnes talk about the rise of the “anti-fascist” Left, and Gavin’s first hand experience with their violence: *** WATCH Gavin’s show every Friday:

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18 Responses to Gavin McInnes: Politics “is just fashion” for “anti-fascists”

  1. John Spence schreef:

    tfw you squander a billion dollars and now suck neb dick for spare change.

  2. alx1917 schreef:

    I despise the false progressives followers of obama / clintons as much as this bearded guy do or any other with rationality, but I'm tired of hearing people refering to them as "leftists" or "communists" Democrats are nothing as those two things!! Bill and Hillary are communist?? Really?? The democrats always fought, violentely, against any goverment in the world that could seem remotely lefty for their perspective. So, you all go ahead and mock these liberal bastards all you want but have some respect for real communism and stop calling them that way.

  3. Ricardo Cantoral schreef:

    Gavin is right. These people are going to run out steam longer before Trump's term is up. Lazy, socialist hippies talk about accomplishing a lot and they do little.

  4. ChristianBolt schreef:

    Fashion is the most fitting word for the SJW nonsense

  5. hellochicago2 schreef:

    As long as he means Right is the Rockers; Northern Soul is rubbish…

  6. dead man walking schreef:

    Hillery is a white supremacist as she thought she was entitled to the white house just because …. wtf …same with the protesters dressed in black rioting ..there white supremacist ,, i still have not seen a black person dressed or acting like them .. there a bunch of blind lemons ….

  7. Runnin' Gunnin' schreef:

    Gavin is correct. For most it is just being trendy conformists.

  8. richard aubin schreef:

    I have to faith is liberals in Canada .or Democrats in the US , but conservative and republican are not the  solution . just more left right crap  theatre for dummies

  9. Freedom Fighter schreef:


  10. Jason Wade schreef:

    GAVIN YOU FREAKIN NAILED IT!! Today's far left are all pussies with no idea how to physically fight another person who can punch! Gavin for pres in 2024!!

  11. UncagedPine9 schreef:

    Am I the only one that can't stand the green outline around the man other than Gavin. I can't blame the producers it's hard to make all of that go away but it's just a little thing that annoys me to hell

  12. Free Celt schreef:

    they are acting out the rebellion du jour

  13. cocowood2316 schreef:

    I disagree that they will disappear in a year. These faggots have been doing this in europe for 30 years, we just need to counter them and get organized and beat the living shit out of them. No mace just broken jaws and skulls

  14. adreenalize schreef:

    Judging by the tattoos and the Fred Perry, I bet this Gavin used to hang around with right wing skinheads when he was younger but he stopped because it was a phase he was going through.. fashion maybe? Bloody hypocrite! I can't believe that in 2017 people are still scared of the communist.. they don't exist anymore, wake up, your much loved Trump is getting on fine with Putin, the cold war ended many years ago. Anarchy and communism are two different things!

  15. skabino schreef:

    Punk Rockers AGAINST AntiFa!

  16. Helios Seven schreef:

    Part of me says Gavin has a point but since when is 'truth' a requisite to fight? Look at the Nazis, how much truth was on their side? People don't need truth to attack, kill and riot – they just need an excuse. And what better excuse then fighting so called 'fascists'? These Anti-Trump demonstrators/rioters are not interested in the truth, never have been and probably never will. What's more, where are they going to get this truth? From radicalized universities? From CNN? Sorry but I'm not so confident these Brown Shirt wannabes are going away anytime soon. But I do hope Gavin is right.

  17. Stephen 1982 schreef:

    Antifa and the new liberals are failures. This is why they want socialism and believe that it is okay to steal from the wealthy. They are angry that they probably won't amount to anything.

  18. Alex G schreef:

    Whoa, you can see the TGMS set and control booth and bar in the background! Awesome!

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