Grey’s Anatomy – Bloopers

Watch the best bloopers of Grey’s Anatomy.
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18 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Bloopers

  1. Riley Danvers schreef:

    chlyer you cute little button

  2. Carmen B schreef:

    lol but the quality sucks

  3. jamilah kyarimpa schreef:

    Thanks guys but your volume is poor

  4. j69200 schreef:

    you too whistle sports video.

  5. Super Garrett814 schreef:

    this isn't even funny

  6. Prasad Vastav schreef:

    lol its funny ,
    Top virtual reality Android games

  7. Mr. Whatareyadoin schreef:

    What's with the shitty royalty free music?

  8. Huddah Huddah schreef:

    Pine tar on Yadi's pads

  9. jd304a99 schreef:

    Can you make a perfect game or no-hitter video?

  10. Vanessa Coss schreef:


  11. Giant Robot schreef:

    I was listening to the play by play of that Rays play at 2:17 Dave WIlls was mad hahahah Total little league play

  12. Maridel Todd schreef:

    Top all sports can I get a sub please

  13. Kaleb BMX schreef:


  14. Noah Hundley schreef:

    Would be a lot better if you didn't add the music..Really annoying

  15. David Bridges schreef:

    You should team up with Whistle Sports. You have great compilations and I think you guys could put together something great

  16. Matt Smith schreef:

    2:44 why the voice over..

  17. RayChiTown schreef:


  18. Your Milena schreef:

    I love you! Do you remember my video about you? )

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