GTA IV – Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 14 [Classic Video]

This episode was originally released in march 10th, 2013. Now for the first time on my channel in glorious 4k!
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NBA Funniest Bloopers Of All Time || Vol. 9 Funny Basketball

*I Do Not Own The Video or Audio – I Have Edited The Video For Entertainment Purposes Only*

Song – Blame It On The Pop by DJ Earworm

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39 Responses to GTA IV – Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 14 [Classic Video]

  1. EngineerPCDoctor schreef:

    I needed this. thanks ben

  2. YEAHMAP schreef:


  3. JarlStaubhold schreef:

    Thanks Ultra Ben Buja. XD
    Love Niko Bellics voice.

  4. yakovlev999 schreef:

    All hail euphoria physics!!

  5. Nabre Labre schreef:

    so much better than gta5

  6. Dragon's Dogma Central schreef:

    huh You actually used a Glitch that I was the Founder of…. Or at least I found it myself years ago…. That building beside the highway with the stone fence and the spikey stuff on top of it… You can get in that building….

    I suppose someone might have found it before me or found it as well but I think it's pretty cool to see that word of that Glitch has gotten as far as here 🙂

  7. PoppinTomaForks schreef:


  8. L0calH0rst schreef:

    BenBuja, why dont you bring back GTA4 by making sort of a retro video? I think many would love it 😀

  9. Raphael dos Reis Ferreira schreef:

    These are the best!

  10. White Rabbit schreef:


  11. xxBEASTITxx schreef:

    You've been making these for like almost 10 years but not quite there yet right?

  12. csgrambauer schreef:

    How could anyone DISLIKE one of your videos?! It's, it's… mindblowing to think. Your videos are perfect and hilarious and a great source of pure comedy.

  13. stewardo schreef:

    IV > V

  14. şafak mert yıldız schreef:


  15. Maniac 187 schreef:


  16. JMD1337 schreef:

    no joke I was a minute in before I realized it was GTA 4 not 5 lol

  17. Slasher schreef:

    IV in 4k with that ENB looks really good, think I gotta upgrade my PC soon lmao

  18. JhysenTheAsian schreef:

    These videos were part of my childhood

  19. eeeFloww schreef:

    damn i miss this

  20. RAUL akid schreef:

    Holy fuck this is old

  21. Alex Beech schreef:

    this is gay asf

  22. nadia svd schreef:

    golden state is the best especially stephan cu

  23. 叶继超 schreef:

    the girl in the middle of Curry and Westbrook feel really happy

  24. Ericson Ables schreef:


  25. COOL AGENT_9 schreef:


  26. Renan Layon schreef:

    very nice video ever

  27. Renan Layon schreef:

    this is soo funny

  28. Hoore Sneider schreef:

    i dont know why all basketball videos use gay music now

  29. Dea. Duirell Robinson schreef:

    this is a good video

  30. shawn king schreef:

    follow us on instagram for basketball highlighs shoutouts @leveloneteam

  31. denzel Ordas schreef:

    haha its funny

  32. wajdef schreef:

    lmao obama looks so cool at the end there

  33. NARANJA MUNICIPAL schreef:

    Hardaway LOL

  34. king james schreef:


  35. Juan Hernandez schreef:


  36. Ryan Ramkirath schreef:

    love the background music!!!

  37. Antonio The blood schreef:

    o my god

  38. isherlynace212324 Mandawe schreef:

    funny lol

  39. Fuckhands Mcmike schreef:

    Those shots by Heat where they kept rebounding was sad, but it was even sadder the Mavericks didn't get the rebounds AT ALL!!

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