Gucci Mane – Pop Music [Official Audio]

Gucci Mane - Pop Music [Official Audio]

Gucci Mane – Pop Music

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17 Responses to Gucci Mane – Pop Music [Official Audio]

  1. Bcthekiller schreef:

    Thanks zack

  2. Brandon Waddell schreef:

    I use my money for a blanket it was bitter cold favorite bar

  3. phillyflyboy schreef:


  4. Bennett Woltz schreef:

    I still have all my old hammers

  5. Breyan McQueen schreef:

    Clone music

  6. Tyanna Galloway schreef:

    i make it rain an i make it shnooow

  7. Louis Six schreef:

    Not Bad!! 😉

  8. cj urrutia schreef:

    house music

  9. Shoegameboy Batman schreef:


  10. José Meirinhos schreef:

    2:20 could be

  11. Enes Tunc schreef:

    wtf? why this got so few views. this is the best song in the album

  12. Matthew Shakeshaft schreef:

    Anyone who knows Gucci….you guys hear Waka in the back on this? Also, who goes far back enough to know Duffle Bag Boyz??

  13. Tyler Seagraves schreef:

    cuz I don't Touch the dope

  14. Josh Miller schreef:

    Second best Gucci album, behind The State Vs. Radric Davis, I need to buy this thang

  15. Raph Gordon schreef:

    Damn people are sleeping on this song. Hardest one on "Everybody Looking"

  16. ASAP Bobby schreef:


  17. Marian Dobrev schreef:


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