Himari, the Science of Sweets

Kirakira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode Ep2
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7 Responses to Himari, the Science of Sweets

  1. Nighty4Amy schreef:

    Himari talking about sweets is like me talking about anime and manga. And yeah, I did learn to not touch upon the subject unless I'm sure the person I'm talking to is interested in anime and manga too. Otherwise, you will be just considered a freak and "The heck you are talking about?".

  2. Lara Larame schreef:

    Ha ha she was so timid at first but then when talking about her fave subject she'll talk your ear off. I can relate to that.

  3. CryptKeeper schreef:

    she talked about pudding for about 2 hours thats so cute

  4. The Starlight Let's Player schreef:

    Now I really have to do a review of Episode 2

  5. Adriana Rivera schreef:

    She sure is quite intelligent when it comes to sweets

  6. Kira Kira a la Mode PreCure schreef:

    Transformation Cure Custard

  7. Cake The Pop Star Pikachu™ schreef:


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