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36 Responses to HIP HOP ReMiX (BEST DANCE MUSIC) 2013/2014

  1. Pune Modai schreef:

    thangs for watching

  2. Akash Abraham schreef:

    What's the first and second songs name

  3. Widya Hardianti schreef:

    Wow thing song is amazing!!!!!!!
    What song second music???

  4. BoSSnian King schreef:

    first song name ????

  5. choilovereaper schreef:

    Did I just hear BTS??????? OMLLLLL

  6. KhmerTechInfo schreef:

    very nice song

  7. Adrian Yi-Fan Chen schreef:

    0:30 what song name is it?

  8. Tosha Hobson schreef:

    I love this song

  9. Danceing boys schreef:

    Nice hip hop song

  10. Kaiyah Lee schreef:

    i think that this song great

  11. Excelles “Excelles” Droid schreef:

    can anyone help there's a mix I'm looking for it has this same image as this one I remember only one song Jay Z and Kenya West night in Paris …? pls….

  12. Kosar Darvishi schreef:

    First song ?

  13. Samuel Kupka schreef:


  14. Szilvia Benedek schreef:

    dance jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. leonartor 222 schreef:

    besteht musik

  16. 吉田ののか schreef:

    hi!I'm japaneses dancer.
    your's song is awesome!!!
    I'd like to appoint to a contest song.
    but youtube is bad sound quality.
    so,I want you to send this source to my mail with a MP3. Is it possible?I'm waiting for an answer.

  17. Michelle Ametova schreef:


  18. Chuch Lucas schreef:

    What the remixed song of the scatman one at 15:40

  19. luana montes schreef:

    Como se yama la primer cancion?

  20. Fatma Sürmeli schreef:

    Coole music

  21. catalin rosu schreef:

    men like

  22. Jason Anoa'i schreef:

    das meiste ist kein rnb.

  23. Natasha Areora schreef:

    Awesome mix, even though its not hip hop lol, but still a mean mix

  24. Motor sevdalısı Motor bir aşk schreef:

    sooow goood let is your is like

  25. The Redking schreef:

    link for images

  26. Dan DeSanta schreef:

    Ugh, this list was terrible.

  27. Cons k schreef:

    wtff these songs are not hip hop….they are trap songs..

  28. Kamau Francis schreef:


  29. Speedzz Upzz schreef:

    Thank me later.

    1. Candy Shop (Bigjerr Trrap Remix) 0:00
    2. Bubble – Smare 1:50
    3. Back 2 U (Unlike Pluto Remix) – Steve Aoki & Boehm ft. WALK THE MOON 3:20
    4. All The Things She Said (Rusty Hook Remix) – t.A.T.u. 6:36
    5. L'amour Toujours (Streex Remix) – Gigi D'agostino 10:06
    6. California Girls (Hellberg Remix) – Katy Perry 12:54
    7. Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) – Scatman John 15:40
    8. Leave The World (Jaykode X Lookas Remix) – Swedish House Mafia 18:17
    9. Mr. Brightside (Two Friends Remix) – The Killers 22:32
    10. Soul – Unlike Pluto 25:47
    11. Pity Party (K Theory Remix) – Melanie Martinez 29:45
    12. Gangsta (Boxinbox & Lionsize Remix) – Kehlani 34:12
    13. Wanchu Back – Aero Chord 37:29
    14. Give Me Love – Kyle Braun ft. Broderick Jones 41:01
    15. Human – Synchronice 43:58
    16. Imaginary Friends (Pluto Remix) – Pluto & Molly Moore 47:55
    17. Stranded – James Mercy 50:53

    Nice, fresh new tracks! But please THOSE TITLES DOESN'T LINK TO THE MUSIC. This is trap, Not Urban Hiphop.

  30. Emre Ersoy schreef:

    First music oh my god!

  31. Ahmed Emad schreef:

    I wanna fuck you

  32. Nicotine45 schreef:

    FIRST!!!!! Oh wait

  33. Axel Mendez lml schreef:


  34. Mauro Marte schreef:

    the soundtrack playlist name song?

  35. Cristian Collado schreef:


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