HORRIFYING Announcement About Social Security! – Hot news

Hot news – HORRIFYING Announcement About Social Security!
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20 Responses to HORRIFYING Announcement About Social Security! – Hot news

  1. Ronald Pankonin schreef:

    If you paid into SS your whole working life then you are entitled to it.

  2. TexasRose50 schreef:

    What is needed is, an allocation committee consisting of a group of ordinary taxpayers who are able to balance a checkbook, and are able to tell the difference in needs over wants. Get rid of pork belly projects, and no more bridges to nowhere. Remember the bridge in Alaska? They need to start a program like the WPA long ago. If you want government assistance, then you will WORK for it. Want to live in government housing? Then they should build barracks. None of these fancy section 8 housing that come with daycare and swimming pools. I'm confident that a group of TAXPAYERS could do a better job than is being done now. And if the elected officials didn't adhere to the budget set up by the allocations committee, that committee would have the right to discipline said officials. Oh, first thing to go would be lifetime payouts to retired elected officials. No more secret service and cars for everyone. I can think of a hundred things to cut. It's time we citizens take back our country! Just my opinion.

  3. Pat Hall schreef:

    Pres. Johnson borrowed from it and promised to pay back !!! Democratic Lie !!!

  4. Jimmy Phillips schreef:

    if social security is a "volunteer system" how do i go about unvolunteering myself and getting back all i put in? they can just add that amount to my 401k that would be fine with me

  5. nanaPhyllis Bennett schreef:

    Well I have worked since I was old enought to pay in! I'm disabled now! I paid in! I have a As # and was born & bred in the U.S. I've done my part and if I don't get mine I'll be living in the woods! So I pray President Trump fixes this! I don't receive food stamps! I don't think our president will stop our checks! if its cut out there's gonna be many going to rest homes! So some one better start building housing for us all! God will provide! Some how some way!

  6. Martha HallCooper schreef:

    entitlement, let me explain about that. I paid into for years. they give it to people who have never worked here.

  7. Dave Elam schreef:


  8. David Micke schreef:

    A lot of them are in DEARBORN MICHIGAN.

  9. Dennis Weifenbach schreef:

    Run effeciently?  Not in the obama years but ever.   Over the years our trustworthy men and women in federal government have stolen and missused the money that was to be set asside for social security and medicare benefits.  another example of the corruption that is allowed to operate.  People recieve benefits who are not even citizens and never lived in this country till they were brought into the country by their relatives.

  10. Greg Meadows schreef:

    Having Steven Colbert on your vid takes away any credibility

  11. Elsa Guerra schreef:

    Missing, Stolen? ??
    Simple, Put the Soros, the Obamas, and the Clintons in prison and take all their assets just like you do to the drug dealers, reimburse the Social Security fund.

  12. Wayne Miller schreef:

    Social Security is not an entitlement. many of us have paid into it our entire lives to ensure our retirements *~

  13. Robin Uff schreef:


  14. John Gaither schreef:

    SS is not an entitlement, it is bought and paid for.  The government began stealing from the SS lock box during the Johnson administrations "great society" fiasco.  Basically the government wants to give away money collected from working stiffs and give it to welfare frauds whenever it can.  They try very hard to deny paying the working stiffs when they come due.  Its been going on for over 50 years and they still have not bankrupted SS.  Let em work at it a bit longer and lets see what happens.

  15. diy guru schreef:

    get all dead beat off SSN no more free money get job pay in we have the problem with SSN because of the liberal democrats in this country!!!!

  16. Norman Bates schreef:

    Don't punish the people who have been harmed.
    Hang the people who have been entrusted with MANAGEMENT of the SS system.

  17. Joeys48 schreef:

    I know of a Salvadoran man who lives in a South American country living on disability. His only disability is he is a lazy piece of shit.

  18. Milton Hackett schreef:

    I'd love to know how it got changed to intitlement ? it is not well fare is intitlement !!!! you pay in to it all.your lives

  19. Mark Fisher schreef:

    people in iran are collecting social security now it is part of Obama's spread the wealth policy

  20. Daniel Sanford schreef:

    Social Security is NOT an entitlement. It is taken out of my check every pay day. If any money has been exploited, it has been misspent on illegal aliens. I HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER as well as millions of legal American citizens.

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