How To Look Fashionable | Fashion Trends 2017

Are you a fashionista who is always curious to know about trends or a person who doesn’t know how to style? You must be wondering how these Bollywood celebrities get it right all the time, well they all do have a stylist, but if you are looking for one, then you have come to the right place!

We bring you Bollywood Celebrity Stylist Leepakshi Ellawadi, who shares her fashion predictions for 2017

2016 has played a huge role in terms of fashion and we hope 2017 also has some great trends too, the classic white sneakers to stripes they are hoped to continue, but are we going to style it the similar way? Let’s find out in this video!

Here Leepakshi Ellawadi shows us the best of trends perfect for 2017, and how you can style them and where can you wear these,

Leepakshi Ellawadi is a bollywood celebrity stylist, who has styled Anushka Sharma for Sultan, and also won award for best costume design, she is also working on Kabir’s Khan Tubelight, and worked on Mirzya, Ek Villain, & Happy Ending, she styles celebrities like Divya Khosla Kumar, Disha Patani, Pooja Hegde, and more!

Yellow is great, but having it in your wardrobe? Let’s see what Leepakshi Ellawadi has to say about this!

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15 Responses to How To Look Fashionable | Fashion Trends 2017

  1. GrowGrow schreef:

    Cool video. I found some trendy dresses on

  2. Kathryn Allard schreef:

    Blah got threw 30 seconds accent is annoying as fuck

  3. kattungga schreef:

    she talk kaki jacket,but to me looks braun color.

  4. Richi Rahman schreef:

    as a military person myself, that color is anything but khaki

  5. Joanna Rao schreef:

    love tat white lace top…. pls suggest where can i find one

  6. Andrew Lau schreef:

    If you guys are men, check my channel out! I talk about 2017 style trends too 🙂

  7. prateek devimal schreef:

    such an idiot woman!! such a fake forecast .. doing shirt dresses with trench coats …idiots!!

  8. Tuija Vehkaoja schreef:

    that first shirt dress looks like a crossover of a bath robe and pyjamas! what on earth!

  9. Raginald Singh schreef:


  10. Amélie Chavez schreef:

    I love that video❤

  11. pareli stha schreef:

    I hate yellow

  12. sisanda mrali schreef:

    serioulsly???? that granny shirt??? noooooo0o honey noooo

  13. S Kaur schreef:

    including models would have been better

  14. kawaii hime schreef:

    where can we get fashionable clothes in mumbai

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