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  1. sanb05 schreef:

    Mario Lemioux ahahah canadians trying to say quebecer names make me smile

  2. Anaya 049 schreef:

    Omg ur pinky nail is exactly the same as one of my pop sockets for my phone!!!

  3. Bethany Stallings schreef:

    Why do they get soooo much fucking hate, goddamn. Calm yourselves.

  4. Jessica Crimmins schreef:

    Sam seemed kinda salty that she didn't go to that dinner. She wanted to eat with celebs because she's sew yoootooobe rich.

  5. Bethany Stallings schreef:


  6. Marsdead4755 schreef:

    Honestly people there is a difference between leaving constructive criticism on a videos comment section and just being outright hateful. If you don't like Samantha and her bf to the point where u are gonna be commenting on every single video complaining about them, then just fucking unsubscribe. I'm so sick of seeing people acting like assholes to people who don't deserve it. They are sharing their lives with us and some people are here for the long run and will still be respectful through thick and thin.

  7. Ari Laporte schreef:

    she said alot of her viewers have short nails.. but how does she know?!

  8. Chloe Lauren schreef:

    Why has everyone got to be so rude? Is nobody going to talk about all the weight he's lost?! He looks great so instead of being rude grow up. It's so sad that you all have to pick faults when you could see how excited he was in this video.

  9. terminallyCapricious schreef:

    its MOCHI not MOKEY XD

  10. Tiffany Breier schreef:

    at the end your makeup was so amazing and at the begining with out makeup you looked way awesome

  11. Jess Reese schreef:

    Mario Lemieux and his wife are so so nice!! I met them at a Pens game several years ago.

  12. Brandi Munguia schreef:

    What were those things that samantha and shey were eating?

  13. Brandi Munguia schreef:

    You need to get Dahlton a better fitting suit. The pants are way too long on him and so is the jacket. He looks like a little boy trying on his dad's sunday church clothes.

  14. Brandi Munguia schreef:

    Samantha, I never see you driving the Range Rover anymore. Does dahlton always drive it now or is it only when you are both in the car? Does he ever let you drive him around?

  15. S Hoover schreef:

    The shirt and shoes did not go with the suit at all. WTF? And you could have tried to iron your pants.

  16. UnicornsPrincess 16 schreef:

    I love you Samantha and Dahltyn

  17. Lipsticklover101 schreef:

    Hate is real lmao do u guys love u guys for who you are ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Maria Morales schreef:

    Guys doltin is like 22 off course he's gonna dress like a ratchet fuck boy

  19. Becca_MS -fighter schreef:

    What the fuck was that random egg? Both of them is cringy…I hope he doesn't think he is sexy and her nails are not that cute!

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