Inappropriate Sports People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Play

top 10 sports that should be banned
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19 Responses to Inappropriate Sports People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Play

  1. John Nolan schreef:

    hurl not hurley

  2. jamesstevens623 schreef:

    I am super afraid of bears got chasin d wen I was a kid but ya bear baitin the concept makes me sick anyone caught doing it should b chained an rubbed in salmon chum then have 6-10 hungry bears released near them that sounds fun

  3. rad robloxian schreef:

    im irish

  4. Naoise Fennell McInerney schreef:

    hurling isnt that bad im irish and its only dirty players that causes cuts and you dont run the entire pitch you have teammates to pass to

  5. Falcon Falcon[NICE] schreef:

    I feel more bad for the animals than the people getting hurt

  6. Hoooi Ccrftc schreef:

    Of fusion isif is Andover oockjjkkmkm.

  7. Ryan Wanat schreef:

    5:39 I kinda want to try it, sounds fun.

  8. Kev Shanny- Gopro Vids and Stunts schreef:

    I play hurling

  9. Nathan 749 schreef:

    how is hurling dangerous i play it and they dont smack you with he hurley

  10. kaikaijosiahs//Kuriko schreef:

    3:56 I thought there was a Penis by the green guys shirt

  11. David Cullinane schreef:

    Hurling is awesome not weird

  12. DOMR ULV schreef:

    It their choice

  13. dizzyhelloman schreef:

    hurling isn't dangerous I'm 11 and I played sense I was 5

  14. Corkgirl schreef:

    I'm from Ireland and hurlling is NOT that inappropriate

  15. Liam Redmond schreef:

    I play hurling 🙂

  16. Quality Trash schreef:

    Hurling is fine it's really fun

  17. Jacob Hollis schreef:

    Hmm.. Kicking someone in the shins is fun!

  18. H3X Hockey schreef:

    who thinks hockey is violent?
    its super safe… sorta

  19. Trolll Jeff schreef:

    I prefer the richest more than watch mojo

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