Infowars Nightly News LIVE: More Arrests Made In Pedogate

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Saudi and other Gulf countries cut links with Qatar: International News 05 June 2017

Four Arab nations have cut ties with Qatar
The nations pointed to Doha’s terrorism ties and their own national security as part of their rationale
The coordinated move escalates a dispute over Qatar’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and adds accusations that Doha backs the agenda of Iran
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37 Responses to Infowars Nightly News LIVE: More Arrests Made In Pedogate

  1. Sten Peter William Karlsson schreef:

    [ Who Did Left So Stoopid?.. ]

  2. consuelo barrow schreef:

    They need to put their as. in prison and let the inmates have a great party with them.

  3. Jo schreef:

    The sick fucks who run the world use pedophilia as leverage to blackmail Politicians and reporters . They get videos of them and command them to do as they say…Read : "Transformation of America" by Cathy O Brian

  4. radioman3515 schreef:

    It's funny that in the Right Wing Bubble, Obama is their villain and Trump is their hero. When in reality Trump is a grifter and a serial liar playing them for fools.

  5. Steven Booth schreef:

    if you don't own a gun you are a OBAMA fan?lol!

  6. Steven Booth schreef:

    not only that is YouTube has put my comments apart from each other with in a min they do not want you to see a large group of comments in a row

  7. Steven Booth schreef:

    have you ever tried to explain or send a message, you go to key pad there is no key pad but just the top spell check?

  8. Gay R Fagia schreef:

    Check out a youtube channel called Bebotsonly. Pedophilia right here on youtube. And youtube does nothing about it. It's a guy named Mark Cately from California now living in the Philippines. His whole channel is about grooming young girls and selling them off to members of his "club".

  9. Steven Booth schreef:

    I give you a more thumbs up but your energy is too weak, when I was five years old people would laugh at you because they knew way more than you what you know this is shit, I can not believe that people are actually os confused by what you are doing hell you might as well take their parents from them and replace them with other people and they will be okay with it never know the difference NO?

  10. Steven Booth schreef:

    you are giving political correctness a new name call it what it is and stop sugar coating it, get to the damn point please, stop trying to put yourself out there like a big shot information and knowledge should be for free to anybody that has any God-fearing sense.

  11. Steven Booth schreef:

    no these people are not part of a victimless crime saying that their part of a victimless crime is a crime of its own?

  12. Steven Booth schreef:

    well I guess you'll start figuring it out if Michael J fox and all the others activist giving you backlash then you'll know what the hell is going on NO?

  13. MOONShadow lelune schreef:

    these jokers don't even know what Bildeberg is. obviously their IQS are lower than their shoe size. They all need a good slap in the face. I.loathe they elite and what they are trying to do. It's what reptiles do. They change their color of their skin not only to adapt but also to hide. And they hide where you LEAST expect them. PJW

  14. Beatles2010100 schreef:

    Nothing will happen to Anthony he is protected by the elites.

  15. the 13th schreef:


  16. James Fisher schreef:

    You morons need to grow up and READ THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION !!!!! The answer is right there, staring you in the face, and has been for 2 centuries. Yet I haven't heard ONE so-called "patriotic" alternative news outlet, ONE lawyer, (bless their pointy little heads), not ONE "Constitutional ex-judge" on mainstream news outlets put this matter to bed once and for all. For God's sake, any 6th grade social studies student could give you the answer and solution, but your all so stupid, or uninformed, or both, to get it. You wouldn't know if the answer jumped up and bit you in the ass.
    Here we are, almost half way through the month of June, and we're STILL hearing this absurd redundant story, over and over and over…..blah, blah,blah, blah. Disgusting. If yo'u're not up to the task, find another line of work.

  17. Squid Master schreef:

    the countdown to civil war is definitely nearing 0.

  18. yolanda4445 schreef:

    Just ban all muslims that will settle it ….

  19. Melon Girl schreef:

    You guys usa may attack Qatar and Iran because Qatar helped the isis (not Muslims) I'm a muslim isis is another religion ok so they helped them and they'll use the money to fight usa I'm srsly in USA side rn although I'm Muslim and I'm from Dubai it was qatars problem and I rly respect the decision of them

  20. Samsung Mobiles schreef:

    b f

  21. anne sagpa schreef:

    Machi pani chisdhi kathar

  22. Fu'aad Omar Dheere schreef:

    الله أكبر فلسطين معنا ونحن معهم

    فلسطين حماس تفوز

    Qatar Big support from SOmaliland

  23. Hassadnah Abraham schreef:

    Qatar is a sovereign country. Qatar has right to do whatever they want. If USA sided with Saudi- then it is the time to end the USA army camp in Qatar. Saudi and USA are creating havoc in middle east ad commuting war crime in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan by killing other Muslim…Russia is a better and rational friend for Qatar to maintain its sovereignty .

  24. Shaikh Muskan schreef:

    there is no unity among Muslims. which is wrong

  25. Shaikh Muskan schreef:

    Allah pak aapki hifazat Kare Qatar walo ki or Woh Indian people ki Jo Waha pe job karte hai. Amen summa Ameen

  26. Shaikh Muskan schreef:

    Saudi Arabia is doing totally wrong. America want a fighting between Muslims. Sooo request to Saudi do not do this all things against Qatar.

  27. Shaikh Muskan schreef:

    l love you Qatar

  28. nimal themiya schreef:

    I love Qatar

  29. waynemre11 schreef:

    LONG live qatar from turkey. little countery with big hearth. Qa-Tr-Az-Pak

  30. Anwar Kamoka schreef:


  31. kasme mea Kasmi schreef:

    Allah akbar duniah mafia sawi karban sufi warah ida mhut

  32. Zulifqarali Zulifqarali schreef:

    Yai us Kutty trump ka chall h hm Muslims ko aps m lrrany k lea. . . Or hm kitny bewakoof hain ik Hindu k kihny pr aps m hsd kr rhy. hain. Afsos. hala k. Muslim ko pta h k. Hindu jiyna bhi dost ho Muslim ka. . Butt. Hindu Hindu hi rhta h wo kbi Muslim ka bhai ni bn skta .. Quran m ALLAH ka Irshad h. .

  33. Abdul Ateeq schreef:

    galate news hai bhai

  34. Muhammad Nasib Khan schreef:

    Saudi Arabia and UAE becomes a real slaves of america they can kill their brothers but can't do uncomfortable of america.

  35. Amjad Ali schreef:

    fuck America is involves in this issue, Qatar is a peaceful state

  36. Shahid Bandri schreef:

    ye American policy hai America pehle se hi ye karta aa raha hai q k ye kamine log hai

  37. Suhail Kadiri schreef:

    qatar muslimo k sath q khada nahi ho raha ?

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