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This video talk about Funny Kids Fails =))
It make me remember about my childhood ★★★

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Funny videos 2017 : try not to laugh while watching this funniest video of chinese funny pranks. This video is really hilarious and impossible to not laugh
Video Rating: / 5

38 Responses to Kids Funny Video ★ Funny Videos Of Kids ★ Funny Videos For Kids ★ Funny Baby Fails

  1. Vixy Moon schreef:

    2:10 This kid is straight up from anime

  2. ItsZuze norell schreef:

    this video are not funny

  3. BALLAL SK schreef:

    Ballal sk

  4. BALLAL SK schreef:

    Ballal sk

  5. Anwar Bhati schreef:


  6. The Don schreef:

    4:51 this is not funny at all and I do really hope that his parent did took him to their local hospital to had him checked.

  7. PuppyLoverKellyPlays ROBLOX schreef:

    Roses ARe Red
    Violets aren't blue
    I came for the thumbnail
    And so did you.

  8. Paris- Bear schreef:

    0:47 me when my mom gets home and i have to go to school

  9. Jakayla Arvinger schreef:

    nice video

  10. Camila Nunez schreef:

    did the kid in the icy thing okay?????????

  11. Abigail Callahan schreef:

    good video

  12. Ian Murray schreef:

    The kid in 3:13 looks like someone from a old movie like what parents watch

  13. Shanice Harris schreef:


  14. Kawaii _Potato schreef:

    The kid at 4:15 is literally me trying anything

  15. Fresh Girl schreef:

    1:57 she did the lip challenge thing

  16. SC Mr.phouR schreef:


  17. Cpl User schreef:

    4:02 and 6:11 are Best……..

  18. Hina Ch schreef:


  19. Le Kiem schreef:

    thank for your video, i love this

  20. Erick Medina schreef:

    fake as prank ..didn't even laugh

  21. MANISH THAKUR schreef:

    Also watch by click skip the add

  22. PRO Carpet Cleaning Brisbane schreef:

    so funny

  23. priya priya schreef:


  24. Gaming DemonYT schreef:

    4:18 is my favorite

  25. Takashi Kamio schreef:

    the Chinese title tho

  26. SAM iam schreef:

    what kind of eggs were those?? WHAT. KIND. OF. EGGS!!!!!!! Barf!

  27. Akshay K. Gupta schreef:

    Some of them were so annoying

  28. kacper kotwica schreef:

    so fucking fake

  29. Azaz Ahmad schreef:


  30. GB VIDMATE schreef:

    new funny videos….Watch this.. #YtfRuIaTHto

  31. Οι Μαγκιες Αλλου schreef:

    Who say its fake is a hater.

  32. Tani Dorngchet schreef:


  33. Jhiemer Sotis schreef:


  34. Luis Fernandez schreef:

    Not funny China is fake

  35. zoro master schreef:


  36. Jake from statefarm schreef:

    ching chong suck mi long time suck yum yum

  37. Bimo De Carvalho schreef:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk irado

  38. Melanie Gashi schreef:

    mach mal kleber an die Schuhe

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