Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black’s new single Tunnel Vision, produced by Metro Boomin’. Available everywhere now.

Buy/Stream Tunnel Vision: https://atlanti.cr/tunnelvision

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Video Rating: / 5

16 Responses to Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision [Official Music Video]

  1. Micheal B schreef:

    is odd

  2. Micheal B schreef:

    the song is good but that video

  3. Childhood schreef:

    Hello everybody. I am a 19 year old rapper and producer from Germany. Maybe ya´ll can check me out and tell me what you think. Thank ya´ll. https://soundcloud.com/realchildhood/wild-wild-west-proddecicco

  4. Charm schreef:

    lil girl at the end scared me wtf.

  5. Ghostly Bird schreef:

    What is this garbage? It can hardly be described as ''music.''

    Niggers shouldn't be allowed access to recording studios.

  6. Jonathan Andrade schreef:

    68k white people disliked the video

  7. TheRulerNTheKiller schreef:

    Do not ever come to Haiti Kodak Black. After this, the people has no respect for you! Also, take our fucking flag of your head you lil bitch. It's not a fucking clothing wear you ugly Americanized pos!

  8. Beamy Locket schreef:

    Lol STOP!

  9. That 2kBoy schreef:

    Its racist

  10. Young Smurk schreef:

    Spread the love

  11. Xavier Martin schreef:

    ya fresh

  12. Nick Mccarthy schreef:

    I'm all for whooping someone's ass tht wears a rebel flag

  13. Ayoo Ary schreef:

    wth did i just watch

  14. G. Nene. schreef:

    El Aparecido – Inti Illimani

  15. Vixen schreef:

    Disrespectful to the American flag

  16. Avedis Somoundjian schreef:

    why are they burning a Cross?

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