League of Failures #5

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20 Responses to League of Failures #5

  1. bassel sak schreef:

    5:30 Allahu Akbar kill your self

  2. TheDeadBoy12 schreef:

    We look at someone looking at a game, and this is his great series

  3. Fishy Fisch schreef:


  4. Lord_ Termy schreef:

    Rip doge

  5. Yamgi schreef:

    i was luarfing so hard tru the part were you were pretending you were def i yust couldnt stop luarfing

  6. ByTheWay schreef:

    7:05 could be me xD

  7. robin curan schreef:

    1:44 that's Sr.Pelo's voice.check out his YouTube channel

  8. Blue Cherries schreef:

    Video starts at 9:25

  9. Lord Tachanka schreef:

    "Send me your failures"

    *sends you my child

  10. Michael schreef:

    3:41 what's that red circle that's blinking around?

  11. Robby Van Den Bosch schreef:

    the azir just could have used Q and E

  12. Kp Burst schreef:

    3:26 behold Goddess Matthew…

  13. Jstelz12 schreef:

    4 seconds in and i already laughed

  14. d magi schreef:

    this guy is fucking Jesus christ

  15. Kata Games schreef:

    wow you can basically make a special episode of Matt P
    damn thats a lot of videos

  16. Kek is love kek is life schreef:

    Uberdanger DANSK KARTOFFEL

  17. Nafereus kortex schreef:

    If youre stuck there you cant attack them

  18. matthew morey schreef:

    you have my name so i have the right to take this channel over ill be expecting your log in info tonight

  19. Jay C schreef:

    Y ur eyes red

  20. I Main Irelia schreef:

    9:17 -What a f*cking god

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