League of Failures #7 – THE RETURN

by Moe_

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20 Responses to League of Failures #7 – THE RETURN

  1. MagikarpUsedFly schreef:

    Merch store's finally launched! Cop a daisy monologue full print, squeesh sweater & backpack or a jojo design! https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/magikarpusedfly

    Do it or I'll kill myself. No joke I'll end it all right this very second I have the gun in my hand and the bullet is primed. I want to feel the sweet release of death. Also I have full blown aids.

  2. Nar2fodey schreef:

    What happened at 7:30

  3. ShironLP schreef:

    I think you and MrTLexify would be great friends

  4. Jacob Saenz schreef:

    Chance in the background in the beginning

  5. Th3gl1tch グリッチPh4nt0m ファントム schreef:

    what's really depressing is when you think about it there were people that actually enjoyed the annoying orange how anyone can is beyond me

  6. SKTREMIX schreef:

    8:03 ??? what song????

  7. kiet ham schreef:

    he's definitely out of idea

  8. Chris Batacan schreef:

    Took me 2 second to notice that he said that his channel was built on failure

  9. d magi schreef:

    "Cody, who's that there? A fucking faggot"

  10. Soren Rima schreef:

    What music was playing during the Oxxygen's clips?

  11. Joel- er-tron schreef:

    me at 3:30 hehe xd . I put something random, because i didn't think he would of seen it. i know this is late but i couldn't be bothered to type this a while back xd

  12. Tetsaiga schreef:

    Mexican Pewdiepie

  13. KindMaks schreef:

    why your eyes is red?:D

  14. Silver Hedgeho schreef:

    05.30 darkmane & knuckles & knuckles & knuckles

  15. BallzDeep69 schreef:

    hahahahahaha my heart and lung hurts from watchin this….I need medical attention help xD

  16. Noah Mannino schreef:

    what is this video ?

  17. Dragoniapp schreef:

    The part where he was saying is that Madlife? Every thresh main "No." He was aiming at the Taliyah lol.

  18. Sam B. schreef:

    Dem red 420 eyes does…

  19. Dave Aranaydo schreef:

    I love that shirt dude

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