Logan Paul – Paradise In You (Music Video)

Song: On & On
Video Rating: / 5

15 Responses to Logan Paul – Paradise In You (Music Video)

  1. Kenzie and Ava schreef:

    Why did she cheat on him?

  2. Julia Moolah schreef:

    This is not even a music video

  3. seif khaled schreef:

    Is this his song

  4. TheAydenShow schreef:


  5. star dreamer schreef:

    The amount of times i have heard this song is unbelievable, and i didn't even know that Logan Paul made it , Love you Logan.xx

  6. DOCTOR TROLLER schreef:

    fuck you guys

  7. Diamondgirlgamer schreef:

    I freaking love the song so glad jessica not singing that shit would be horrible

  8. Angela Su schreef:

    I thought it was chole…

  9. Cewtie Pie schreef:

    That's not Logan or Ayla

  10. Autumn Mitchell schreef:

    That's so cute

  11. Bridget MSP x schreef:


  12. Gianna 711 schreef:

    Was Logan singing wow

  13. Eman AA schreef:

    Mine my fave song

  14. Antonio Moscaya schreef:

    This Is Just Too Cute,But I Feel Even More Sad That She Cheated On Logan Cause This Was Just Too Cute And Sweet :/
    R.I.P Logan's Love For Jessica

  15. All around AVA schreef:

    Can I be her?

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