Loot Crate Marvel Gear + Goods Super Science Unboxing

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19 Responses to Loot Crate Marvel Gear + Goods Super Science Unboxing

  1. Lee G schreef:

    You don't care so I don't have to.
    As my dear old mum used to say, 'Aaaaah. Go to the shop and get me 20 Rothmans or I'll stab you. And wear your foil hat or the aliens will suck your brains out'.
    Thanks Whatculture! xxxxx

  2. floyd75dylan schreef:

    Who needs porn hub when we have you guys fighting over a dick mould?

  3. hobbitronic schreef:

    It's a Cape-ron!

  4. Marcel Hermes schreef:

    Or as one would say: Shit, you can put your dick into for wankers. #shityoucanliterallyputyourdickintoforwankers

  5. rocky balboa schreef:

    Fucking No

  6. katie blueskys schreef:

    Another great video , just great , I thought the spit screen was good :)

  7. fouram79 schreef:

    wow a loot crate full of shite, didn't see that coming

  8. George o'callaghan schreef:

    i much prefer NerdBox.

  9. JayJay1827 schreef:

    Only liked it for the dick joke and awkward staring afterwards lol

  10. Jorge Vazquez schreef:

    This video funny as shit I don't care

  11. Dami Okeunji schreef:

    can't believe they're still letting you do these

  12. Jimbo schreef:

    Seriously, stop doing unboxing videos. They're mind numbingly boring and don't actually feature much real content other than watching you guys open something.

  13. pixel gun 3D gameplay schreef:

    that just ruined it when the man said about putting his ** in the ice cube thing.

  14. billion bong schreef:

    Come to see what is inside loot crate box but instead be forced to watch 2 retards color and dick around with stuff they find

  15. LeftHandOfDevil schreef:

    RIP ears

  16. Faceless-Gamer schreef:

    Wow, this loot crate was seriously terrible. Funny video though!

  17. Nova1080 schreef:

    "It's like a frost giant's head on an infants body."

  18. marrrava schreef:

    Average stuff in that box. But you guys… you guys are the good stuff!

  19. Adam Cahill schreef:

    I love the satirical way they unbox the loot crates

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