LPS- Bloopers | Summer Camp #14

Here are some behind the scenes bloopers!! Tell me in the comments down below what was your favorite part?

LETS CONNECT!! =^ ◡ ^=


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15 Responses to LPS- Bloopers | Summer Camp #14

  1. cute cookies channel schreef:

    I watch episode 14 and the ending is steel need a episode until it is complete…

  2. Lia Plays schreef:

    where is first pop? its been so long and i love that series

  3. Kriska Laureta schreef:

    Early squad

  4. Pakwa Ag schreef:

    hi late squad!

  5. Pakwa Ag schreef:

    LOVE you videos!!!

  6. Kallie Roblox and more! schreef:

    when the camera drop

  7. Samantha Lps schreef:

    I thought that this was finale 2 when will it come out

  8. cute lps 633 schreef:

    In the Philippines it is morning

  9. candy panda schreef:

    the cup don't sound like Goofy

  10. 2funny girls Channel schreef:

    Oh no…not blooper- OH N- HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHH LOL XD HAHA…HEH…heh…I should stop now…

  11. Cupcake Paradise schreef:

    Sorry but I don't watch your videos cuz you put to much interruptions in every video

  12. yankee2yankee schreef:

    When are you going to make a real FINEL EPISODE? Because I really want to see AJ face I'm really curious about his or her face I'm rally existed about the next EPISODE BUY LPS PINK❤️

  13. Cutebunny Forever2 schreef:

    43 comment

  14. lps Alex and Alexander schreef:

    almost late squad were yall at!? lol

  15. Lps Littlepawproductions schreef:

    Omg I love how you guys make videos together!! That's soooo amazing ❤️

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