Mad Over You (Official Music Video) – Runtown

Mad Over You (Official Music Video) - Runtown

Nigerian Afrobeats artiste Runtown presents the official music video of the hit single “Mad Over You.” Available on iTunes: Subscribe for more videos from Runtown:

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Runtown (born Douglas Jack Agu) is a Nigerian singer/songwriter/producer with a diverse music style mixing Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae and Rap. Runtown signed to Eric Many Entertainment in 2014 after successful singles and collaborations with Laza Morgan (High On You), Phyno (Anam-Achi Vers-Achi) and Davido (Gallardo). He acquires his musical inspiration from artistes like Sean Kingston, Bob Marley, Kanye West, to name a few.

18 Responses to Mad Over You (Official Music Video) – Runtown

  1. Mary Ogunremi schreef:

    yess this song just turns me on and i feel sexy every time I hear it and still cant get enough if it. ADDICTED

  2. Faisal Kagadkar schreef:

    Love from India !

  3. Ashok M srinivasan schreef:

    I love Nigerian music. This is one of my best. Got addicted to it.
    Wishes from India

  4. Amour Douce schreef:

    BIg Up RunTown I Like You from Ivory Coast

  5. Glory Ella schreef:

    I love this music so much

  6. LIDIA ROMEO schreef:

    Who else keep hearing vybes kartel voice?

  7. Can't Miss James schreef:

    I love this song. I listen to it at least once a day. It makes me just want to relax by the pool & sip champagne lol

  8. Entle Lechuti schreef:

    we really need more of these type of songs…..true blessing

  9. Susie Omaoeng schreef:

    wow now I found a beat that interest ma ear.. just like a Nigerian what a Nigerian fren sent me then.. I just forgot the title of the song.. listening from Philippines

  10. Oliver Muchai schreef:

    Not normal the number of times I've looped this song!!!!!!!

  11. Miracle Dinasty schreef:

    this song just makes you feel so sexy

  12. nicole123 dupon schreef:

    trai bin

  13. Tshepiso Tshepi schreef:

    RSA Where Are You

  14. Peter Samuel schreef:

    the most powerful creature is black woman,strong and beautiful

  15. Enraghmeel schreef:

    african musicall the way up.#254

  16. Adama Camara schreef:

    #help : whos the creator of such awesome african cloths ????

  17. Alfred Saviour schreef:

    nice one

  18. Alfred Saviour schreef:

    hi mariam

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