Manchester attack: Question Time debates ‘Didsbury Mosque’ leaflet – BBC News

A Question Time audience member has claimed he was handed an anti-Western leaflet at Didsbury Mosque in Manchester.
The mosque was previously attended by the father of Salman Ramadan Abedi, the man who carried out Monday’s bomb attack.
However, an attendee of the mosque who was also in the audience said the mosque had a “multi-cultural community” and said the leaflet was “not official”. The mosque condemned the attack on Wednesday, saying “cowardice has no place in our society”.

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19 Responses to Manchester attack: Question Time debates ‘Didsbury Mosque’ leaflet – BBC News

  1. BJ Martin schreef:

    Liberals won't deal with the Muslim extremist problem firmly, so welcome to your new normal.

  2. English Templar schreef:

    Typical of the bbc. Fuck them all of its Church of England not the middle east. We should of listened to Enoch Powel.

  3. Nicholas schreef:

    Why is this even news? The guy just started spouting things from his ass? How did he even get on air? I can spout things from my ass too. All those who died in the manchester attacks were pedophiles.

  4. lee carlson schreef:

    Someone should have taken the dishcloth off that suka's head and stuffed it in her gob.


    classic bbc, shut him down for stating 'uncomfortable' FACTS…..

  6. Simbo schreef:

    Tea and biscuits, lmao.

  7. CHAS1422 schreef:

    Smile at you, shake your hand, invite you on Sunday, explain the value of tolerance, then slit your throat like sheep.Allah has 99 names and he uses them to serve Islam. If "nice" and "tolerance" were so important in Islam, then why does the Qu'ran and Hadith read like such a massive exercise in hate speech. The Thuggees used to befriend their victims before slitting their throats as well.

  8. SabuPtolemy schreef:

    Michael Caine's brother FTW!

  9. Judy Taggerty schreef:

    Liberals protect Muslims, allow them to kill innocent people, they are responsible. Blood on their hands.

  10. polly 123 schreef:

    get stuffed Burnham, you're a crap Mayor. all you're interested in are votes

  11. iiiDartsiii schreef:

    if it wasn't part of the mosque to hand out those leaflets shouldn't the mosque keep an eye at what sort of leaflets are being handed out in its grounds? I know that is a pointless question we all know this was every bit handed out by the mosque imams and that woman is a liar.

  12. Christine Davis schreef:

    political correctness is equal to cowardice! Islamic ideology is hateful and murderous. LOSERS are just following that ideology!! Wake up!!!!!! Pretending that Islamic ideology is peaceful is absurd! Educate yourselves

  13. Romans 8:11 schreef:

    British Bullsh£&@ing Corporation.
    British Brainwashing Corporation.
    British Betrayal Corporation

  14. Jay Alex schreef:

    The media need to start infiltrating these mosques and there off shoot groups because going by what the chairmen of of this mosque was saying think they will start moving the terrorist grumps out.

  15. William Christie schreef:

    Heated argument erupts between Australia moslem leaders. you tube. An eyeopener.

  16. Is402831 schreef:

    how can they be so dense??? if it came from that mosque then they must have approved them for distribution.

  17. David James schreef:

    The BBC are hijacked by the truth here and they refuse to acknowledge it. If you listen you can hear one of the panel saying to Dimbleby "David". That's Andy Burnham, the failed Labour leadership contender and now Manchester Mayor!!! He is asking Dimbleby to shut the guy up because he is terrified of the truth. What sort of Mayor is that, no backbone.

  18. Thembi Chigwada schreef:

    I don't get the big deal with this leaflet. So Western civilisation is not as morally conservstive Islamic values surely there is so much more to these terrorist attacks. I feel this is a major distraction to bigger and more sinister issues.

  19. graeme morgan schreef:

    let the man speak !!!!!

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