Maroon 5 – Sugar

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Sugar. (C) 2015 Interscope Records
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Watch the official music video of “Idols Become Rivals” by Rick Ross.

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Directed by Ryan Snyder.
Maybach Music Group.

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Video Rating: / 5

37 Responses to Maroon 5 – Sugar

  1. Димаш Фан Клуб schreef:

    клип не оч

  2. Rianna Stockton schreef:

    me when i listen to this song: LIFE HAS A MEANING!!!

  3. Carlos 8889 schreef:

    despacito te supero

  4. Đức Sơn Nguyến schreef:

    AMAZING Song!!!

  5. Sallyna Aurelie schreef:

    I WACHT AT JUNE 2017

  6. Craft Plays Hraje schreef:

    2k17 ? Like

  7. Tổng thổng NGA Vladimir Putin schreef:

    3:20 WHAT THE FUCK ????? :))) >>>><<<<<

  8. joao rodrigues schreef:


  9. The original MRjguill schreef:

    The girl of my porno dreams XOXOXOX @ 1:41

  10. bill gates gamer schreef:

    He pee'd his pants on 5:02

  11. Mỹ Trần schreef:

    who's hate this thing? i'm not!

  12. Ernest Macalanda schreef:

    why the fee is higher than usual people just stand up and dont finish their food. come on people finish your food

  13. Ernest Macalanda schreef:

    i dont know why my youtube spells the subscribers as susbcriber and even spells the numbers as 5m or 5000000

  14. 배주성 schreef:

    3:22 is she said WTF? XD

  15. Chak Zhou Wong schreef:

    Just beat it~

  16. Assir S schreef:

    Despacito (Luis Fonsi adn DY) a sólo 2 millones de vistas de esta canción, en 6 horas más la pasa.
    Despacito is only 2M views behind…. so in about 6 hours this one wont be the 8th most viewed vido on youtube anymore. So sad 🙂

  17. dat thanh schreef:


  18. LeBraun schreef:

    damn ths shit fye

  19. Perkins William schreef:

    free bg sixmile will

  20. Giacomo Bergamaschi schreef:

    Damn man!! You know how to make classics!

  21. Johnny Aidukas schreef:

    That monkey ain't nobody's idol LMAO. Hahahah. Idol. Fuck him

  22. Jeff Pompi [ Ata Kak's Son] schreef:

    came to the realization that your watch was fake.. damn.. you nearly broke my heart 🙂

  23. JTK schreef:

    never liked birdman anyway. pussy!! will always say that shit. and from how drakes coming along he's gonna be just like him. better start treating those niggas in the sweatshop fairly

  24. Jody Grimmett schreef:

    This side of the coin is winning by a long shot. This shit is flame and it's a direct hit. No subliminal messages. Most muthafuckas including me, riding with this side of this coin. "never charged a coin"

  25. Dezy Bro schreef:

    he clowned dat nigga

  26. dzk schreef:

    this shit is wack and this fucking dude is wack.

  27. Dar Dar Binks schreef:

    2 things R.I.P. Birdman and this a real diss song. Non of that Nicki No Fraud shit

  28. Lee Rodriguez schreef:


  29. Muhannad Al ali schreef:

    السلام عليكم ✌️

  30. brandon lately schreef:

    motivational … got that black thought vibe … on that glow ross

  31. ak47ondeck schreef:

    i don't like rick ross, but this song is dope lol

  32. makopa ashley schreef:

    this is really a diss ….fuck u birdman u arent got nothing to say …………rozay

  33. Michelle Toste schreef:


  34. Sarah Eubanks schreef:

    My Hitta ross lost weight and gained them bars… Ross is a real hitta unlike all these other artist out there who just be goin viral by usin AUthentic Views [],com,/[], to get they views up…smh seems that anyone can go viral these days

  35. NG8 XENOMORPH xbox one clips schreef:

    man ross looks strange since he's lost a ton of weight but major respect to him for doing it though

  36. tajo auta schreef:

    guess he didn't get paid

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