Mat Fraser – Making a Champion: Part 6

Even the best athletes need a day off. See what Mat Fraser does on his recovery days.

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18 Responses to Mat Fraser – Making a Champion: Part 6

  1. Big Willy schreef:

    I already really liked the guy, then I found out he loved the office. He just became my favorite person ever; not even just Crossfire's, all the people

  2. Jegis-Jodlerclub schreef:

    why seems every us-crossfit elite level athlete have an obsession with guns and some motorized vehicle? don't understanf that…

  3. Charles Allum schreef:

    -1 for shooting guns ☹️

  4. Jay schreef:

    The office will always be the most painfully awkward but hilarious show of all-time.

  5. Facundo Zupel schreef:

    so, thats the key. Watch The Office…

  6. pcasbu schreef:

    Mmmm seems like a sad lonely life to me

  7. drantcg schreef:

    "shooting range", aka a gravel pit

  8. Marcus Quidenus schreef:

    He seems to be very very lonely…

  9. TenguAlpha schreef:

    He pretty much lives like I do. That's awesome.

  10. Aric Q schreef:

    Matt i'm not even gay and I think we should date.

  11. William Holmes schreef:

    Don't ever stop these vids coming! So much motivation !!

  12. BiggieBlacky schreef:

    okay now I have to mention it… that sit on his nose is really triggering and have been for the past 6 episodes…

  13. Lorian Haliti schreef:

    dude i love u so much ur great but take that hair of that great body u would look better

  14. Kostas Venizelos schreef:


  15. dave b schreef:

    iron sights fraser

  16. Evan Staley schreef:

    Man, I can think of nothing better than waking up, drinking coffee, riding my bike to a shooting range, shooting, then riding to the gym to train. #goals

  17. Yusof Sarangani schreef:

    great tip: only a watch series you've already completed when you are watching to relax. You don't slide to a 5-hour binge watching session.

  18. Panos schreef:


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