Meet The Girl Behind The Viral “Airplane Love at First Sight” Video 😍

Watch! The girl behind the Viral Facebook video love story that has more than 4 million views and counting! EDIT READ DESCRIPTION!
Edit: Sorry Guys seems like she’s not the “Baby” that we’re looking for. Apparently it’s someone named “Kathy Oblena”. Enjoy the video na lang kamukha nya naman eh! 🙂
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This is NOT a slingshot video! It is a little speech about the nature of viral videos… with many tips for those who are fellow hunters for such pieces. The insights of 8 years plus on YouTube, with 636 videos and 24 viral hits. I hope you find it interesting!

36 Responses to Meet The Girl Behind The Viral “Airplane Love at First Sight” Video 😍

  1. jojo c schreef:

    i saw jonabelle lastnight during our flight back to manila from bacolod and she is stunning… reminds me of a famous chinese actress Jenny wang of the lady ghost series in 1990's, and she's a very nice lady ..

  2. i live for bangtwice schreef:

    Ang ganda at cute niya ~ ❤

  3. Sparkskeepwinning schreef:

    sub to me for a sub back!!

  4. rytcLick ™ schreef:

    Bakit naging trending ang Asawa ko dito.?

  5. Anabel Navarro schreef:

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  6. Janeth Elejorde schreef:

    Ang ganda ni ateng!

  7. EXO_NU'EST_NCT schreef:

    I think it is disrespectful to use her pictures without her permission.

  8. Ninjakenth Kun schreef:

    akala ko meron nang asawa si ate?

  9. WICKED WILL schreef:

    This one has more views than the apologetic dude.

  10. Wajiha Dolan schreef:

    Anyone else speak English?

  11. kitez opo schreef:

    ♪ Humayo ka, kaibigang Tim Sawyer
    Maglakbay kung saan mo man naiisin ♪

  12. Sandi Beekhuizen schreef:

    Parang barbie nakakatakot

  13. The Red dragon schreef:


  14. Kristel Laudencia schreef:

    wrong info

  15. bishop schreef:

    hindi naman maganda yung fa eh

  16. soar highhashid schreef:

    who cares about this bullshit!

  17. Billy Ze Tramp schreef:

    you should improve your Thumbnails…not catchy enough
    also you should put your wife on screen a little more or hire so sexy girls that would fire your creations and follow your instructions…viral guaranted..your so close to it dude…
    spice it up

  18. scott haddad schreef:

    "YouTube, let me show you its features!"

  19. jugglinjuggalo2469 schreef:

    a huge part of being a success is just being a cool dude! keep the laughs and action coming.

  20. Vlad Piranha schreef:

    (In Tommy Wiseau voice) "It seems you are the expert, Joerg!"

  21. giub738 schreef:

    Joerg, I love you man.

  22. Zrikk schreef:

    15:15 my first reaction was to throw away headset and start looking for that god damn wasp/fly/disgusting-insect-being ! but awesome video for sure 😀 I'm always the "core" viewer that watch every video but sadly started a little bit late, actualy got here from Skallagrim channel cuz of the "cursed knife" affair.

  23. DemonSabre schreef:

    oh hey, he created the channel on my birthday… noice.

  24. Dave Hogg schreef:

    I hope your Minion Fart gun goes viral, I have shared it hahaha

  25. Rey Brenhart schreef:

    i think the best part about jorg is his laughter

  26. Joseph Johnson schreef:

    Your voice is so relaxing. It helped me fall asleep.

  27. Kayla Marie schreef:

    Hey! I watched the "man eats an apple" video too..AND.. I learned ALLL about Rocco Silfredi after you mentioned him being the only greater penetrator than your cursed dagger (naughty! 😉 lol) Learn something new everyday watching youtube video's lol. Kayla, faithful subscriber and watcher 🙂

  28. nishi ran schreef:

    ich bin ein idioot joerg haha! my stuff isn't that good and i am aware of it 😀 i love watching your vidoes and skalls
    also other big youtubers ^^ i enjoy it but my stuff is just sporadic like one day i play a game the other i draw
    or paint' it is confusing for the bots i guess XD
    the thing is i believe the reason why it's getting harder to get a viral video or even becoming
    as huge as the big names is because there are already so many who do all the rages'
    "Look at me doing this ᕦ( ᐛ )ᕡ" it is very hard competing with those ^^ and most have enough connections to know what
    is becoming a trend.

    personally i not so sure if i could handle a hundred subs since i know my stuffs to sporadic
    (and the anxiety would probably kill me ¯(ツ)/¯) i would like to get some ad revenue to pay some bills but how things
    are going lately here on youtube it won't happen (-__-)
    anyway i am happy you have shared your insights with us ^^ thank you very much
    Vielen dank!

  29. Bryce Martinson schreef:

    the world has not yet really seen you yet

  30. Teo Sfikas schreef:

    Well undeniably you must have content, a good thumbail , description , maybe no sponsoring and everything you said really but I think that it is also a matter of pure lack. You may make a video that is perfect but with wrong timing ( post on a thursday, mornings ) Can also have a huge effect to if the video will go viral 🙂

  31. Teo Sfikas schreef:

    Well this sadly didnt gone viral 🙂

    Gosh the first video he is so serious hmmm….. Joerg understands entertainment

  32. Matthew Merolla schreef:

    JoergSprave, are you familiar with memes? Memes are an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.
    Viral Videos are just another medium for a meme.
    Viral videos are infectious. Once a person watches one, their mind becomes infected, and thinks about the video over and over again. This in turn makes it contagious. The infected mind transmits the virus (viral video) via social media post, sharing with friends, etc.
    This process continues and repeats from person to person until eventually entire countries are swept with the virus (viral video).
    Gangnam Style is the most classic example which exceeded views in the BILLIONS.
    One must manufacture a video so infectious that it simply never leaves the minds of its viewers.
    Then, the world is yours.

  33. Vic 1 schreef:

    trending+popular+clickbait^2= Viral Videos

  34. Kevin Shi schreef:

    what would go viral is your laugh

  35. Gen. Szadek schreef:

    omg, this mosquito on his right hand makes me so nervous 1:55

  36. ideliveredit schreef:

    the memes rule all

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