48 hours in Italy for Milan Fashion Week 2017 – MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL MALE MODELING CAMPAIGN with Paul & Shark!


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Erik Conover
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18 Responses to Milan Fashion Week 2017 – MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL MODELING CAMPAIGN!!!

  1. Just Me schreef:

    This makes me so happy 🙂 Congratulations, man!

  2. Rob Buglass schreef:

    Congratulations Erik ,

  3. Archangela Girlanie schreef:

    That's true, what's the point of going on crazy adventure if you can not deliver it to your audience, get some assistance is a good idea, but need to keep it original and fresh, after all that was the reason your subscriber click that subscribe button at first. You might want to check this youtuber "Joanday" or "Joan Kim", she makes normal almost boring content, but I can't wait for her video everyday 8 PM, her dedication and consistency give me a good vibes

  4. Katie Lei schreef:

    Does anyone know which camera Erik is using these days?

  5. Angela Drozdzik schreef:

    I think I like the dad more than Eric! Jaja cool dad!

  6. Chen Zhu schreef:

    Been a fan of your videos for years but haven't catch up for a while. The quality of your vlog is amazing !! Beautiful scenery and good editing. Keep on working!!

  7. TheAndrjjj schreef:

    Welcome to Italy bro! 😉

  8. Claudia Pop schreef:

    Congratulations!!!You re a true inspiration!!!

  9. Valerie P schreef:

    awwww what a nice gift for your pops!! I can tell he's proud of ya!

  10. Elisabeth Brito schreef:

    who's italian and recognized 777

  11. Elly Dobry schreef:

    Happy for your dad !! Finally, <3 and all the best to Bubba heard this hot mess has a surgery. Last but not least congratulations to your campaign. Following you 4 years, love to see how you grow through your adventures and me with you 🙂

  12. Kinu Grove schreef:

    Totally awesome that you could take your dad on this trip. Something you can look back on for the rest of your life.

  13. Shadow The Wild One schreef:

    I always love your vlogs Erik! You're so amazing! Keep being awesome dude! ^_^

  14. The Daily Chat schreef:

    congrats Erik! it was so awesome to see that in the mist of such a huge moment in ur life u took the time to share it and give ur dad just an amazing fathers day. I m sure he will always remember the time he went to Milan. I also enjoy just seeing how u stay so humble through all ur success. pretty awesome. congrats again 🙂

  15. Christina Volovich schreef:

    I'm really happy for you, Erik.

  16. Claire MY Lee schreef:

    such a heartwarming vlog.

  17. kevin dudley schreef:

    congrats! congrats! congrats! and bigups for taking your dad!

  18. Jasmyn Nguyen schreef:

    Erik please do a video on how to have a career like yours!!!

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