Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good To Cut

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Hey, accidents happen. But if you’re in a movie, sometimes accidents can turn out to be amazing. In fact, some of the most memorable moments in cinema were actually the result of mistakes that the filmmakers decided were too good to leave out of the finished movie. Here’s a look at some movie bloopers that were too good to cut…

Guardians of the Galaxy | 0:20
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers | 1:05
The Princess Diaries | 1:37
Casino Royale | 2:28
Raiders of the Lost Ark | 3:06
The Usual Suspects | 3:49
Rain Man | 4:43

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20 Responses to Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good To Cut

  1. CzochiaBoll schreef:

    i didn't remember the scene from guardians of the galaxy, but when i saw it now, i laughed my ass off

  2. Jake Rosen schreef:

    The Rohan flag fact is bollocks! They brought it down with fishing line because it was too windy, the first time it just flew off into the distance

  3. Eddie Byrne schreef:

    Aragon kicking the helmet in two towers when he though the hobbits where on the fire.

  4. 5610winston schreef:

    CASINO ROYALE isn't CASINO ROYALE  without David Niven driving the '23 Bentley 4 1/2 Liter Blower. Casino Royale worked much better as a satire, and that great musical score!

  5. Ritesh Khandelwal schreef:

    Michael Caine forgetting his lines on seeing Heath Ledger for the first time in the Joker makeup.

  6. Marige OBrien schreef:

    Good video and generally interesting. But here's a tip: The whole world does not live and breathe super heroes in general or specifically Marvel comics. I used to like them… until they took over and they've been shoved down my throat for the last 3-5 years. Now I avoid them like the plague. I'm not alone.

    In fact, once I saw the opener was yet another marvel comic reference I almost stopped watching. If there had been a second, I would have. As with everything, comic book heroes are a passing fad… at least, as far as movies go. Yes, we've had movie super hero stories forever. But not 7-8 movies in a theater, all at once as has been the case for the last few years.

    The studios do WANT people to go to the movies… right?

  7. Sten TranceDJ schreef:

    Sounds like Dash Star

  8. Anvilshock schreef:

    What godforsaken butthole of dread and veganism does one contract such diarrhea-inducing dialect?? Did you have toenails for breakfast for the last 20 years or something??

  9. zPyro 7 schreef:


  10. RedWeird schreef:

    In Lock Stock, Nick the Greek puts his drink down and smashes the glass table. Completely unintentional but they left it in anyway.

  11. Josh Hanson schreef:

    I'm walking here!!!!

  12. Lily Barbier schreef:

    tie end weapon ntzdnp interview frankly measure helpful nose.

  13. Mike Foy schreef:

    I'm calling bullshit on guardians of the galaxy and casino royale.

  14. Momo schreef:

    Casino royale, he really got his balls smashed, but it looked so real, they kept it.

  15. 179107199999 schreef:

    it was a Chinese movie but Ziyi Zhang played a love interest in a movie where she was waiting for her love. it was snowing and she was running and tripped. bad fall but she kept character. forgot the movies name but it was dealing with early 20th century communist China

  16. 7Earthsky schreef:

    oh oh, fart.

  17. scott c schreef:

    there was a scene in the 2nd batman movie the one with michael keaton where the penguin went to see his parents graves and one of his knees hit a tombstone and it fell back. it must have been a really cheap one made from styro foam.

  18. Robin Banks schreef:

    'R u talking to me'? taxi driver

  19. Brody Phillips schreef:

    Pals Dang tired Looks for me pretty cpol $invitation

  20. Mark Ryan schreef:

    that wasnt hathaway fallin

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