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Camera – Canon 6D
Lens – Canon 50mm f1.2 – best for close-ups & people
Alternative to f1.2, and a great starter lens – 50mm f1.8
Wide angle lens – Canon 16-35mm f2.8 – best for landscapes and wide city shots
Vlogging Camera – Canon G7X

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18 Responses to MY FAILURES | Mimi Ikonn

  1. Trees For Life Ong schreef:

    so much respect for you, Mimmi

  2. Trees For Life Ong schreef:

    "if you are going to live, going to fail"

  3. Trees For Life Ong schreef:

    very liberating indeed!

  4. allin0078987654321 schreef:

    Love u mimi it is so liberating

  5. aqsa arif schreef:

    In a video she said that her cat name is gaga

  6. Nanka Rodriguez schreef:

    When you are creative you will always find thing to do in life. Some people really need college diploma to find a good job and do what they have to do. I have the same story I worked in two jobs and payed for my school but then I couldn't attend the classes and finally gave up. But I'm student now my husband is supports me and working hard to graduate

  7. shartrez little schreef:

    Mimi you are so nice,so amazing. i am so happy i found you

  8. I Tah schreef:

    I believe Mimi is an educated person whether or not she got a degree. She taught me so much more than my college professors. She achieved more than many educated people by inspiring me and other people around the globe. Inspiring people positively is one of the best education out there a professor and teacher can provide. I look up to her a lot. I have so much to say regarding Mimi though. She is the best and wish if she was my best friend or a big sister.

  9. Sibel Siegfried schreef:

    so honest from you :*

  10. Norly Joy schreef:

    Love you Mimi !

  11. Tara Riva schreef:

    Thanks for sharing that 🙂

  12. Sheina Holmes schreef:

    Thank you Mimi ! I just had a failure. I am a actress. I have never done standup comedy and it was presented to me. I crashed hard ! I cried hard. But I need to keep running ! Thank you ! I have been uplifted!

  13. Fashandtalks schreef:

    I love this video so much <3 thanks for sharing, now I feel much better about my failures.. I started an online store and closed down after 9 months..But I was happy to closed down because it wasnt for me…

  14. Melanie Coffin schreef:

    mimi, I'm currently going through a hard time in life where i feel stuck. I am so fortunate to have found your videos that make me feel hopeful and remind me my situation is temporary. Even for a few moments of the day i escape and feel better afterwards, truly thankful for what you do, hello from Toronto!! ❤❤ pray more blessings always come your way

  15. abcdjklm1 schreef:

    I failed to find job of my interest… i hope u can do a video on that .. a lot of people like me wants to find that brings peace to us … so plz do a video on how to find interests n to make it a goal

  16. Micaela Hegarty schreef:

    Disclaimer: I support your decision to not continue education.
    While I get frustrated with needing to take gen ed's that have little to do with my degree and the feeling as if formal education is more of a profit business within itself instead of …a society's way of producing more intelligent and productive humans.
    For those seeking a business major and taking an accounting class, within the first week the teacher lectures " some one you will never use accounting after this class and will hire your own accountant when/if you plan to open a business, but you open yourself up to an incredible amount of theft risk by not understanding what your accountant is doing with your books. "
    So while you can hire an accountant it's not the smartest decision to lack a basic understanding of the different area's of your business.
    But maybe that's where trust comes in and it's impossible to be savy and knowledgeable in everything.

  17. rajani maharjan schreef:

    thank you Mimi love u

  18. Maria Antoniou schreef:

    I never used the word "failure" in my life. The first and last time I did, I was affected by the educational system. I was never good in maths. Once I finished school, I used my knowledge in maths just for practical matters such as planning my finances. And although I've gone through many hard situations in my family and personal life, I never felt or said that I failed. Every step was a step of becoming stronger and better each and every day. Gratitude 🙂

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