My Thoughts on Sports

“Meh” James says.
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18 Responses to My Thoughts on Sports

  1. Lorenz Niel schreef:

    its not nervewrecking wen the last 5 are standing, because im always last

  2. Monster Cake schreef:

    Pfffffffft England is going to kill you

  3. Gabriel Wilson schreef:

    I totally agree with him.

  4. Crystal Marie schreef:

    lol ikr? every time we had soccer for pe I never really knew what to do. Anytime I was the goalie the other team was pretty much ALWAYS on the other half of the field. when they were on my side… I failed…. badly….

  5. Winnie Tu schreef:

    Is Krate a sport? cause i do krate ._.

  6. deathkiller 55 schreef:

    I agree with him sports are boring

  7. panderbear schreef:

    I feel so bad for you

  8. HelperPaul schreef:

    I know u probably won't see this but u just described my whole life in all your videos. <3 Like the video if you enjoyed he is a amazing YouTube!!!

  9. Lil' Jason 2746019 schreef:

    did he say to get an erection between her breasts God bless the queen??

  10. Gabriella Haskell schreef:

    I cannot play kickball…

  11. Deh derp cookies schreef:

    hey the thing about the team only staying on one side of the field and being the goalie that happened to my friend and I was watching by the way I love your videos

  12. The_Awesome_Boy83 schreef:

    I'm English…

  13. IcyyBLizzardFox_ schreef:


  14. Penguin Star schreef:

    Dank meme

  15. Xiao Sims schreef:

    Heheh I was in track longer than you: a week.

  16. Olivia Bossuot schreef:

    fuck of not all British talk like that

  17. Jack Brimstone schreef:

    fursuits are interesting , yet extremely hot inside. (heat stroke likely)

  18. Jonas Vain schreef:

    7:33 i Saw tracer

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