New 2017 Funny Football Vines – GOALS, SKILLS, FAILS #19

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Funny Football Dives & Simulation by Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Robben, Paul Pogba, Lionel Messi, Suarez etc.
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37 Responses to New 2017 Funny Football Vines – GOALS, SKILLS, FAILS #19

  1. Alex Thirkill schreef:

    2:52 Song name please?

  2. Alex Butlevics schreef:

    Song at 3:42

  3. Ahmed Ali Ali schreef:

    are u a fag to use such gullible click baits god damn how old r u?

  4. Нурсик Кайрбек schreef:

    4:12 Willan and Halk

  5. Football & life schreef:

    verry good. i like

  6. Achmed Johansson schreef:


  7. slambattle schreef:

    where is Gigi?

  8. Bogdan Cazan schreef:

    05:00 name song please? 🙂

  9. Abdul Moiz schreef:

    what is the song name in 4:16 and 6:20

  10. ForLeax schreef:


  11. Adik schreef:

    Thunbnail :d

  12. Hambal schreef:


  13. kampot schreef:

    Best Vid Bro!

  14. shadon smile schreef:

    song 0 50??❤

  15. NL Reptile schreef:

    song 0.58

  16. Petrovich BG schreef:

    AGUEROO wath

  17. Rowan 9 schreef:

    please what is the music?

  18. Simon Pettersson schreef:

    2:55 also a foul!!!

  19. Simon Pettersson schreef:

    0:30 that was a foul

  20. MauriCr7i Video's schreef:

    anyone know the song name?

  21. Aiman Haikal 2607 schreef:

    Barcelona and Real madrid team of divers

  22. faruk Hodzic schreef:

    music ?

  23. QuicKsilver schreef:

    FC Diverlona

  24. TepkiKolik Fan schreef:


  25. MrTwiggs schreef:

    Nice video

  26. Ni Ciao schreef:

    0:37 what a fuck

  27. Ante Nigga schreef:

    Hahhahaha soudani

  28. Kamal Mohammed schreef:

    WTF DUDE There is a big diffrent between diving and Tripping most of em just lost balance

  29. Andre Serra schreef:

    Que eu saiba o cuadrado chutou o pé do ramos ou você nunca ouviu falar em replay? Ou câmera em outro angulo

  30. Mini - Neymar Jr! TM. schreef:


  31. Assie 070 schreef:

    We can't see if Cuadrado really touches Sergio Ramos…

  32. Assie 070 schreef:

    2:06 Why is Mascherano holding his head

  33. Assie 070 schreef:

    2:06 Haha WTF is wrong with the Barca players…
    They want that the public gets a red card?

  34. ahmadfahri kemaraya schreef:

    baby ramos

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