NEW heavy technology machine – Best agricultural farming: Pomegranate Harvest

NEW heavy technology machine - Best agricultural farming: Pomegranate Harvest

Pomegranate Harvest in California
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POM Harvest & POM Wonderful – an iconic global brand.
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  1. الناظر & schreef:

    انها فلسطين

  2. reynald bonilla schreef:

    amazing Israel.

  3. jayanti pariya schreef:

    it's awesome

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  5. Efren Reyna schreef:

    vídeos de minevutik

  6. user255 schreef:

    Please sign the petition: Stop the misguided objections to GMOs, and help science and technology save Nature!

  7. Sami Nassif schreef:


  8. Aman Kumar schreef:

    hello friends

  9. Master Craftsman Mario schreef:

    this is a prime example of unsustainable practices. keep up the terrible work that degrades the land and uses a ridiculous amount of energy to function. free trade and globalization.
    to add insult to injury you get to eat the fungicide with that pomegranate. free of charge! lol. slap yourselves for liking this video. assholes

  10. Mahmoud Othman schreef:

    Nothing called ISRAEL on earth….Palestine and only Palestine.

  11. Mirwais Alizai schreef:

    The asraelies are kids kelir. they can't do anything benifecial! !!!!!!!!!

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  15. MOHAMMED ARMAN schreef:

    ma ki choot

  16. Ade Sianturi schreef:

    God Bless Israel

  17. Osman Mousaa schreef:

    فلسطين هي من أجمل البلاد وأكثرها وفرة للمحاصيل الزراعية والبشرية

  18. Moirangthem Sanayai schreef:


  19. Joe Jayasinghe schreef:

    Value of pomegranate is unknown in the West.

  20. Semi Mehjoor schreef:

    What is the price and place from buy……

  21. Dena Dena schreef:

    vinci is amazing headphone

  22. Amr Fwwz schreef:

    enjoying egg and watching a future tech video, wtf idk

  23. Rexx Bailey schreef:


  24. Tristokgameplay schreef:

    Vinci is pretty good, tought it can be easly robbed. They hould add an anti-rob sistem.

  25. Tristokgameplay schreef:

    For the camera security i have something better, tape :v.

  26. Clementxians schreef:

    3:05 huh?? without lifting a fingertip?? then whats thn whats 1:43 for

  27. Pratigya Kumar schreef:

    vinci is amazing headphone, i love to have one

  28. Cool Gadgets schreef:

    I wish I could afford that drone! I love technology and actually make some cool tech videos on my channel as well, would be a pleasure if you guys would check them out 🙂

  29. Tamara Whitner schreef:

    wow, vinci is amazing headphone

  30. Aina schreef:

    this drone is cool

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