Israel latest technology 2015 the best military in the world IDF SUBSCRIBE to see more of Israel and there technology

18 Responses to NEW ISRAELI TECHNOLOGY 2015

  1. сергей васильев schreef:


  2. Rick Davis schreef:

    The best military tech American tax dollars can buy.

  3. قبضہ گروپ نجدی فتنہ schreef:

    We will fuck your beloved country very soon.

  4. Abel Okey schreef:

    God is with Israel so no Ham can near them

  5. TheOlddantucker schreef:

    Zionist give us only war!

  6. surseh babu schreef:

    god bless isreal

  7. surseh babu schreef:

    god bless isreal

  8. lokendra pun schreef:

    it's rusian project

  9. elv res schreef:


  10. Jones J schreef:

    fucking jew hail hitler

  11. Daniel Hurd schreef:

    wow this is great tech, LONG LIVE THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL

  12. Veteranipl schreef:

    Si vis pacem, para bellum – If You want peace, prepare for war 😉

  13. sunil maurya schreef:


  14. nikirki25 schreef:

    Really? Like really?!

  15. Lilo Lilo schreef:

    Haha fuck Israël its army URRS

  16. ahmed Ali schreef:

    write Palestinian kid vs Israel soldier you will lough stone vs gun

  17. Asael Fajardo schreef:

    the first time I watch this video ,the title implied that it was american tec,I saw it again and it was Russian tecnology.Now you are telling me its Israeli? STUPID…

  18. ColdWolf schreef:

    thats not israel product

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