New Year Mix 2017 – Best of EDM Party Electro & House Music

New Year Mix 2017 - Best of EDM Party Electro & House Music

We wish a Happy New Year 2017 with this big Collab Mix for your Party!
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Intro made by EXTSY

Jay de Laze 00:00 – 29:52

Mister Pulsewave 29:52 – 1:02:56

DJ Flybeat 1:02:57 – 1:24:22

Anthony Gerrard 1:24:23 1:54:25

Andrew Broze 1:54:25 – 2:23:37

ElectroDanceMixes 2:23:37 – END
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37 Responses to New Year Mix 2017 – Best of EDM Party Electro & House Music

  1. CN GM schreef:

    what song in 6:00

  2. phyo thu schreef:

    good song!

  3. مزاجية وبكيفي schreef:


  4. Derek Liu schreef:

    Finally an EDM video without a clickbait image at the front

  5. Chuck “bangergmbh” Norris schreef:

    fucking hell its amazing

  6. LuuGonn schreef:

    1:03:19 name ???????

  7. DJ Macc schreef:

    Nice mix!!! I invite you to my channel. ☺

  8. Vesuvius Music schreef:

    I couldn't find a separate full mashup for "LMFAO, Alvaro, Dirtcaps – Turn UpThe Party Rock (G-Bæss Brah Edit)". Do you have a direct link for it?

  9. Jesus Peruvian schreef:

    mas antiguo que mi abuelo y escriben MIx 2017…ajo…elda…are

  10. gokugamer sabino schreef:


  11. Cr 7 schreef:

    que canción es la primera combinado con Electro?

  12. Giovanni Barbagallo schreef:

    song at 27:20 ?

  13. Maximiliano Calderon schreef:

    oh my god esta q esplota ese eletro ta para enfiestarce jujujuju mortal

  14. Mukaram pasha schreef:

    Fine I like that

  15. Mitchell Huaman Flores schreef:

    min 15:00 song

  16. Abu Hanafi schreef:


  17. Mitchell Huaman Flores schreef:

    como se llama la del min 15 después de they girls

  18. david daring schreef:

    who know name of first and second song? tell me, i need the name. its so fucking crazy!!!!!!!!

  19. Taner Bakiev schreef:

    the best deep house

  20. DarkStarAZ schreef:

    love this!

  21. FootballActHD schreef:

    tracklist is in description ! thanks for watching my friend over here he appreciates the views and moneyyyy

  22. Arad Amiri schreef:

    Hi this is my latest house mix! would appreciate your thoughts on it.

  23. Mate Verovic schreef:

    song on 00:00

  24. Bernd Westermann schreef:


  25. Cashu Cashu schreef:

    First song name

  26. Jonathan Hextall schreef:

    Thank you for your mixes. I find so much new music because of them.

  27. Murphy Radev schreef:

    Very nice mix 🙂 :)

  28. Trendy Tunes schreef:

    Track name at 48:00 please!

  29. Roter Falke schreef:


  30. Nevena Trandafilovic schreef:


  31. Khadidja Maali schreef:

    I'm really addicted to the hole remix!! thanks for the nice sounds

  32. Northtribe schreef:

    Good stuff! What's the track at 03:35?

  33. Murat Demirer schreef:

    Track name at 20:27 please!

  34. พิ้งค์พิ้งค์อมชมพู PEINGอัคราชฆีพยัทฆ์ schreef:

    ilove vocal house
    wand to song new 2017 varivari

  35. Mehdi Mehdi last track name????50min schreef:

    48min plz track name

  36. Tomek yo schreef:

    25:00 please name track.

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