Nigel Farage: Manchester blast ‘marks a new low’

Brexit leader says England will be shocked when it wakes to the news of Ariana Grande concert attack, suspects it will impact upcoming British election

18 Responses to Nigel Farage: Manchester blast ‘marks a new low’

  1. Rosemary Southwood schreef:

    Spot on Mr Farage.

  2. jenni431 schreef:

    Yet another instance of the religion of peace a it's very best!!!! And you see how foolish white people still are – they never, never, never ever will learn. They still think Muslims have nothing to do with this!!!! The bomber was a Muslim, he feasted on ISIS ideology. Any community which fails to be responsible for their youth is a failed religion, a failed community. Yet, all you see are statements from the Muslim community which are like ' this ain't Islam, we are a religion of peace' – OMG'. I would seriously request a ban on immigration from Middle East nations, mass deportation of Muslims back to Western nations. Otherwise, these are just going to continue. White folks – be prepared to see more blood!!!!!

  3. Aldrin schreef:

    Europeans are having job that taking dead bodies of their own friends, families and relatives. Realize the main problem and neutralize that first. That was Muslim and Islam. In this manners for twenty years, Europeans confidentially turns to muslim. Please let them out. You have a chance now. Act now. If you are not act now, You will never exist. You will extinct.

  4. vundavalli pooja schreef:

    USA and the western armies are doing this on daily basis in middle east and other oil and mineral rich countries in the name of "Eliminating Terrorism"…. People in these countries feel the same kind of pain you are feeling right now every day…
    Ask your government to not interfere in other countries issues
    And remember USA and few western countries created and are funding TERRORISM…. in their greed for OIL and WORLD DOMINATION…
    Stop you're government from spending too much of your tax payer's money on Military budget and Wars and focus on you're economy which is sinking….
    Only people who are benefitting from these wars are defence equipment selling companies and few banks indirectly funding war….
    People in Syria and Iraq and many other countries are suffering more than you are suffering right now…..

  5. Pakistan Lion schreef:

    inside game

  6. haidar darwash schreef:

    you are less than humans in their eyes…good luck with your stupidity….allowing them to practice their ideology….and giving them safe heaven to spread the disease all over the world……you thought that the virus will not attack you…idiots!

  7. antonia banoczi schreef:

    This is the result of the so called multiculturalism. It is no surprise. And the liberal fascist logos like patient,lone wolf attack,pity to the victims and we are stand 2gether..etc etc…
    And no response…nothing what so ever. that is why they can do whatever they wants to do…

  8. andrew gregg schreef:

    tolerance is great…. the eu has alot to answer for…… radical Muslims fucks shoot the cunts

  9. Simon schreef:

    They attacked children because they knew it would be demographically devastating

  10. Kassi Oxford schreef:

    You all r blind puppets it's sad wake up this is no joke it's part of a bigger plan a plan set in motion by our leaders humanity is precious there is no time for hate that's what they want Muslims r good people I'm white n the kick r bad people it don't mean I'm a racist hillbilly we come from one creator that has many names and books that differ do to culture and governments follow love not hate otherwise ull come right back to earth when u die this is he'll wake up to the love of the light we r one we r strong n they don't want us together

  11. Kassi Oxford schreef:

    This is all propaganda to turn us all on each other so they can take our freedom away n usher in the new world order because it's so easy to turn u simple minded humans to hate. I follow Jesus Christ I don't call myself a Christian because of the false love they teach I don't believe Muslims r bad the terriost use religion to control just like Christianity n all religions n all religions kill for their beliefs don't fall into the hate were stronger together n that's what they are afraid of.

  12. Jacob Perez schreef:

    This is exactly why you don't open your borders to Muslim countries.

  13. FREEDOM! schreef:

    Fuck Muslims, deport them all or Ban Islam in the west, pretty simple. You've got no problem trying to ban guns and ban free speech so Ban their religion.

  14. Cristiano Ronaldo schreef:

    Hm interesting~

  15. adam2000z schreef:

    Imagine the outrage, if this where a white guy with a gun.

  16. Johnny Cage schreef:

    Garrented a white Mormon from iceland

  17. Cyberion XI schreef:

    Is it the only islam can use and operate explosive item? Wow! And wow! Wow! Bow! Wow! Search in youtube about explosive. Tons people and diff race can use it and handle it. Lol shallow minded. Did u at the incident? Did u see who did it? No! So dont just pointing arround.

  18. EnemyOfTheState schreef:

    "A new low". Right, so killing women, children and destroying a country from within is not considered "low". Politicians are disconnected form reality.

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