NO DONGS ALLOWED! Conan CENSORED on Console – The Know Game News

NO DONGS ALLOWED! Conan CENSORED on Console - The Know Game News

Conan Exiles is known for, well… dong sliders. It’s one of the features that set the game apart when it released on PC via Steam Early Access. But the game’s headed for consoles and now it’s ditching the dongs in favor of family friendliness.


Written By: Eddy Rivas
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Mica Burton

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19 Responses to NO DONGS ALLOWED! Conan CENSORED on Console – The Know Game News

  1. Mr Zx schreef:

    this game is a great example of gender equality both the men and women are sexualized. #Progresssive

  2. Paradox Parx schreef:

    Human Bodys in Videogames, absolute madness!

  3. xXbio-chemicalXx schreef:

    There are SOOOO many names for DICKS

  4. onebozo4u schreef:

    oh the puns lol

  5. Morbid_Mudkip schreef:

    Japan have a holiday about dicks tho?

  6. Shy Guy schreef:

    Well I guess I'm not buying the game that was one of the only selling points honestly

  7. Kyle Gobel schreef:

    Why are people so offended by the human body?

  8. Rath Burn schreef:

    it's all up to the ESRB

  9. Sirkastik schreef:

    Mica, I love seeing you blush lol!

  10. ElijahPw schreef:

    PC, the land of the free. Free the dong!

  11. IanBrogen schreef:

    we shall not tolerate this #FreeTheDongers!

  12. Mianora schreef:

    You guys really behave like 3 year olds when you talk about things like this. Grow up ffs. I can't bare to watch this….

  13. YukarioMashimato schreef:

    Who says sex …. err … sexual parts doesn't sell games, they sell everything.

  14. Martin Čaněk schreef:

    You have more DONGS jokes than Deadpool 😀

  15. hedpa009 schreef:


  16. Cory R schreef:

    Clearly this is the best argument for pc gaming I have heard so for. I need me some floppy dongs!

  17. marlon garbutt schreef:

    i love these girls

  18. Andrew Marchisio schreef:

    I'm not some social justice warrior, but I genuinely don't like the slavery mechanic. It fits in the Conan lore, but there are other ways of recruiting people. I'd like to see a good or neutral version based on the god you worship.

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