Only failures can vote for Kidero – Kenneth

by jeffk

Independent Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant Peter Kenneth said Governor Kidero should account for the last four years that he has served Nairobians. Addressing residents of Njiru ward on Tuesday, he declared that Kidero is a total failure and only failures can vote for him.
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Grey took a secret photo, Myke took a chance, and they both cannot agree on how long you should stick it out.

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14 Responses to Only failures can vote for Kidero – Kenneth

  1. Mary Pendo schreef:

    mimi Kama mimi kura yangu niya kidero…kidero tano tena na tena

  2. TechNoGeekversion3 schreef:

    So calm and peaceful this is exactly what I listen if I want to fall asleep

  3. Taylor Pease schreef:

    I wanna see that whiteboard picture now…

  4. Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone schreef:

    Wait is cortex and hello internet with different people now that i look one says with myke and the other says with brady but their voice sounds the same wtf im so confused right now i always wondered why they had 2 podcasts with the same 2 people

  5. Avery Lemons schreef:

    1:05:30 Factorio.

  6. Henry R. schreef:

    Grey, please come back to the non-podcast universe!

  7. KTSCFCKT96 schreef:

    Why no new videos on the CGP Grey channel? 🙁

  8. MatchTheStampede schreef:

    I feel like they've had the "how long do you let a side-project make no money?" question before…

  9. J Axtell schreef:

    just wait he'll call it PROJECT:ROLLING THUNDER

  10. Vollmondsekunde schreef:

    all the other guys listening through this seem to wait till they heard the entire podcast. so as is my right as youtube commenter, i proceed to claim this comment section for me. First!

    also, where in the shownotes is the white board of greys office neighbor? i really want to see motivation circled three times.

  11. HowToTop10 schreef:

    Hey all 🙂

  12. Anamika Rai schreef:


  13. VerySexyPenguin schreef:

    Grey, it's called external hardrives

  14. Zerakix schreef:

    Myke sucks.. Rubbing gigabit in everyone's face 🙁

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