OVERCOME FAILURE – Motivational Video


Frederik Wiedmann – Rise From The Depths
Frederik Wiedmann – Visions Of Grandeur

Alan Watts
Les Brown
Tony Robbins
Eric Thomas
Jim Rhon

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12 Responses to OVERCOME FAILURE – Motivational Video

  1. Josh Peterson schreef:

    So true I love this. I'm the next Rocky and am battling age, logic and the odds. I will work hard, train my ass off and prove everyone wrong and when I make it big in hockey and boxing stuff my cup rings and heavyweight championship belts in their faces. Someday my story will be told on the big screen like Rocky.

  2. Best ways To schreef:

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  3. LifeHasProductions schreef:

    i do a series called interviewing Youtubers if you get featured you can gain a decent amount of subscribers

  4. Iris Gonzalez-Caulder schreef:

    M O T I V A T I O N H U B

  5. Real Life Motivation schreef:

    your videos are awesomely inspiring!!

  6. Ayoub Boushab { Greatness } schreef:

    what's name of the song ?

  7. Omer Talat schreef:

    this the first video of yours I watch and I can't wait for more keep it up because honestly this is so impacting to some people it changes them

  8. TheGorkaMix schreef:

    good job!

  9. Rafael Varela L. schreef:

    Motivation for this ugly days in venezuela.

  10. Phor Twenny schreef:

    Great editing, superb motivation

  11. No Copyright Nation schreef:

    Keep it up bro!!

  12. Omair Mian schreef:

    amazing job once again!!

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