Overwatch: Paris Fashion Week Event!? – New Hero Speculation

In this video we cover the recent Reddit post that theorised and speculated about a new event/hero/doomfist coming this week to Overwatch. Centred around the irl Paris Fashion Week, we use images and the arguments made on Reddit to extrapolate what we think could be coming our way very soon in terms of new content. This is just speculation however and is done with a sense of ‘the truth is out there’ kind of fun, let us know what you guys belive in the comments.

Original Reddit Post by WHY_ARE_YOU_SO_ANGRY: https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/5weqc2/guys_its_been_staring_us_in_the_face_this_entire/

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Hello my lovelies!! Today I bring you a collection of 10 Fashion Life Hacks that everyone should know! Some of these you guys may already know but these are my favourite fashion hacks so I thought I would test them out and share them with you in this video! Don’t take this video too seriously, it’s just a little bit of fun!! Hope you enjoy! – R

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38 Responses to Overwatch: Paris Fashion Week Event!? – New Hero Speculation

  1. Your Overwatch schreef:

    Doomfist, anchora, efi WTF IS GOING!? So much speculation and so much of it is convincing, a new event along new heroes would be amazing. Let us know what you think and be sure to drop a Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed!

  2. Pooh Pooh schreef:

    Evangelion eva 05 provisional type

  3. Gaming Crazy schreef:

    If you look at the new hero gallery, there's a spot under Ana where the new hero should go. The spot is next to Reinhardt which means the new heroes name will start with a ''r''?

  4. Cloroxy Moron schreef:

    these theories are too extra

  5. Dakota Joyner schreef:

    isn't it obvious that the robot in the pictures is pharah? I mean its her shape and she does wear a helmet

  6. HiPe FutureFlyer schreef:

    well, its tuesday, and nothing is happeninig

  7. Zoros schreef:

    of course just another random stupid idea your overwatch makes for views

  8. Megamii Saiko schreef:

    If anyone got a legendary for Paris it has to be Widowmaker.

  9. nada saud schreef:

    I still havent seen the vid yet, but if thats a thing and widow doesnt get a skin, i will sue blizzard.

  10. nada saud schreef:

    I still havent seen the vid yet, but if thats a thing and widow doesnt get a skin, i will sue blizzard.

  11. Charles Crow schreef:

    I personally would love to see fashion week be a thing. The overwatch in casual wear art could be awesome. But what kind of brawl would they do?

  12. Pranshu Bhardawaj schreef:

    the numbani map just got changed

  13. Twixmix406 schreef:

    its the 28th now and season 4 has been up for like 3 hours now and nothing aside from the new server thing is there. No fashion week that's plain to see.

  14. Nameless Napkin schreef:

    Lol u were so wrong

  15. philip baker schreef:

    Can this week get any better it's a big week for gaming as whole damn

  16. Heisenberg Nicht Tot schreef:

    cuak! '<'

  17. Terry Mitchell schreef:

    does anyone know what time the update is going live on Xbox eastern time?

  18. icema-olaf schreef:

    The robot in the pictures have genji's head

  19. Unaverred - Overwatch schreef:

    This hero robot shown in this looks like the drawing at the top of efi's to do list

  20. David 004 schreef:

    Wow event is now in game! Nothing………

  21. Ez Harrison schreef:

    Also u can use toothpaste, quite ironically, to remove dirt or marks on white shoes.

  22. باسم ال شبعاني schreef:


  23. Annabelle Blair schreef:

    what is her pin name

  24. OriginalDoll schreef:

    Become a vs angel, you are gorgeous!!

  25. Karim Rahman schreef:

    Hey there, if you want a shirt that stands out… https://teespring.com/new-foreign#pid=389&cid=100019&sid=front

  26. Pamelis Nuñez schreef:


  27. danniii schreef:

    your becomming 1 of my fave youtubers && ive only been subbed 4 about half an hour lol xx

  28. Leemur Gaming schreef:

    He come subscribe to my channel

  29. Shannon Bailey schreef:

    Am I the only one who clicked actually thinking these were hacks that are rare? I knew all of this when I was still a child -_-

  30. Dalea999 Alahli schreef:


  31. tanishaa xox schreef:

    your really pretty

  32. Linda Matos schreef:

    Interesting how everthing becomes something to study.

  33. Charlotte dw schreef:

    That pants thing is the weirdest thing I've heard. EVER. I just tried it out and it works but I think it depends on the type of jeans you're going for and also, it won't work for everybody, too many kinds of body types for that to work on everybody :p

  34. shadowking rpg schreef:

    hey come and see my channel and subscribe

  35. Sarah Wilkinson schreef:

    do u use double sided tape

  36. sara khan schreef:


  37. Naomi Valerio schreef:

    #8 has been a hack I have known all my life lmaoo. Comes in handy when you're at a store that doesn't have dressing rooms.

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